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A day in the life of Bete Noire Scottish Female Wrestler


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Quite glad it wasn't in the UK section. I'd never have seen it. Its an interesting sub sub culture women's wrestling. To be honest the doc could have been a fair bit better but its worth a watch. Could do with clips of the actual wrestling show and a more rounded narrative. I'm not really familiar with any all female wrestling promotion let alone a UK one. The doc sort of puts over the promotion and wrestlers but doesn't back it up what they are saying with any evidence. There's no fired up crowd and no in ring wrestling action. As a wrestling fan vaguely intrigued by the promotion if the doc allowed me to see for myself rather than have a head talk at me I might be interested in looking further into it. I don't know it achieved selling me on the product which is a missed opportunity. There's a few shots that don't seem to serve any purpose at all that could get the snip easily. As it is wack it on a DVD of the show as an extra.

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