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GPW: "Thunderbrawl" Sept 5th Wigan, £8 tickets

Mr. Noble

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Our next show is Thunderbrawl and set for Sept 5th, it features a wedding, a tag match, a 4-Way for the British Title and a huge 30 Man Rumble! Tickets on sale now! Here's the poster:





Date: Friday September 5th


Time: Doors open 7pm start 7:30pm


Tickets: £8 pre-order / £9 on the door. £28 family pre-order / £29 on the door. On sale now at http://www.grandprowrestling.co.uk/shop





British Title 4-Way:

Ligero © v. Kirby v. Drake v. Banks


The prestigious British Title is up for grabs in an enticing 4-Way as defending champion, El Ligero defends the title for the first time against 3 potential suiters to the belt.


Word from The Cause camp is that former Champ Zack Gibson has been ejected from the group due to defeat to Ashton Smith in July and James Drake has been granted a chance to regain the title for The Cause. Ashton Smith himself, was scheduled to be in this match until injury has ruled him out, so "Hindley Hero" Martin Kirby was quick to jump in as a replacement for the popular star. Pound for Pound the best wrestler in the UK, and a former holder of the title himself, CJ Banks who is in the middle of an incredible year makes up the 4th and final competitor.


Anything can happen in these 4-ways and with 4 of the very best in the UK going head to head for the title, you do not want to miss what will happen here!




GPW Wedding!

Sexy Kev marries Lana Austin!


The hottest couple in town see their shotgun romance to some serious strides as the two look to tie the knot in marriage at Thunderbrawl! Who doesn't love a good old wrestling wedding? But can the two get hitched, without a hitch? Be a guest to the wedding of the year, September 5th!




Non Title Tag Match:

The Midnight Dream Connection w/ Chrissy from New York v. The Island Brothers © w/ Simon R. Valour


After months of scouting, Chrissy from New York finally recruited GPW superstars formally known as Ian Field and Joe Vega back in July. They have been staying with Chrissy in New York where they have been re-christened Jett Fashion (Field) and Chip Sadistic (Vega) With The Proven still not cleared to wrestle the Tag Champs, Chrissy has negotiated a non title shot for his brand new team. Can the Midnight Dream Connection defeat the undefeated Trophy holders The Island Brothers on their debut?




DDL Interview


At Thunderbrawl, GPW ring announcer Bobby Cash will ask Damon Leigh the question we all want answering, "WHY"?. Find out what the former fan favourite's motivation was to turn his back on the fans who had supported him for 11 years and cost GPW their single best chance to win back the Heavyweight Title.




No.1 Contenders 30 Man Battle Royal


The Cause's plans to hold a funeral for the GPW Heavyweight Title have been scuppered and in its place, we will hold a huge 30 Man Rumble to determine who gets the next shot at the title holders.


We have been inundated with requests from non roster members and roster members alike for a chance to take on the reigning, dominant champions, proving that Cause leader Dave Rayne couldn't be further from the truth in his statement last month where he claimed there were no viable contenders to the title.


The 30 Man rumble will allow every Cause member to enter, and if one of the Cause wins, they will be granted to hold the funeral for the title at our next event on October 3rd.


30 man, 1 winner. Don't miss it!

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British Title Four Way

El Ligero © def Martin Kirby, James Drake and CJ Banks to retain


"Deadly" Damon Leigh revealed he would soon face Nate Travis in a Singles Match as long as Nate agrees to Damon's "Terms and Conditions". There will be a contract signing for their bout at "Friday Night Thriller" on October 3rd.


Jett Fashion w/Crissy def Rio w/ Mr. Simon R. Valour
(Chip Sadistic is out with an injury and The Proven took out Tabu before the match resulting in the bout being changed to a singles match)

Sexy Kev and Lana DID NOT get married. During the ceremony, Bobby Cash announced that Kev had been made the new number one contender to the British title and then the ceremony carried on until T-Bone interrupted. T-Bone challenged Sexy Kev to a singles match and to put his British Title Number One Contendership on the line.

British Title Number One Contendership Match
T-Bone def Sexy Kev when Lana turned on Kev enabling T-Bone to win.


Rumble Match

Lots of happenings in this one. Cyanide eliminated Cause Members Daniels and Price.Jim Nastic accidentally eliminated Mike Track which created tension between the members of Track "n" Field. Banks eliminated Gallagher who entered at number one but then Gallagher re entered the ring and illegally eliminated Banks. Alex Jones Casey eliminated himself rather than face Jiggy Walker. The Bad Lads caused Cyanide's elimination to occur. Nate eliminated DDL but also himself in the process. The Cause worked together to eliminate GPW favourites, Joey Hayes, RJM and Sam Bailey en route to another controversial win. However, it was an unforeseen surprise that turned the tide for GPW as GPW commentator and former Two-Time Heavyweight Champion, Dirk Feelgood entered at number 30 and managed to eliminate Dave Rayne and win the match!!

As a result, the GPW Heavyweight Title will remain active! Get your tickets to GPW Friday Night Thriller on October 3rd to see what happens next!!

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My first GPW show tonight. Been meaning to go for years (mainly based on Bennys excellent reports). Was a very positive experience. A lot going on at points for someone new to the product and a lot of the characters, especially in the Rumble but thought the end of the show was excellent and immediately wanted to make plans to see the October show.




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