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TNA are really good at shooting a building to make it look full. I suppose they are used to it. This is how Bound For Glory 2011 looked if you were there.



Watching it, it was one of TNA's hottest crowds ever and looked fantastic. I remember Meltzer saying last year that they have this ability to make a small crowd look massive. I'm sure if they can sell enough tickets it won't look empty.

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I really hope this works for TNA. Personally I can see people buying a fair share of tickets to go to the TV Tapings which they take on the road. TNA isn't a Wrestling Promotion which is out for the Pay Per Views but is out to put all of their action on television. Hence why the weekly show is often better than the Pay Per Views too. One of the reasons why the Pay Per Views aren't rammed is because its not their Main Focus of the product. Pay Per Views seem to be a second thought with TNA the past few years. By cutting down the Pay Per Views that means more focus can be put on improving the current TV Product which will work wonders with a real crowd. It's a great decision by TNA.


I hope they do a taping in the Hammerstein Ballroom. I've always wanted to see it. Some argue it's ROH Teritory but the house show they did in October 2010 seemed to go well from what I read online about it.

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Better than the Impact Zone!

Rumoured first arena is Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Centre. Which holds 11,000 :cry:


Bound for Glory '08 was held here. There was a fair few empty seats but it looked huge on TV.




They drew 5,000 apparently.

That's not a bad draw. They always keep that one section empty for all the cameras and shizz.

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This is really huge news and Im very very happy for them. Cant wait to see how they do it! When she says permanently on the road does that mean no more Impact Zone ever? If so...






Looks to be that way.


Typical i'm going to Orlando 2 weeks after the final taping, been 6 years since i've seen TNA in US and was looking forward to it.


Interesting note that the tapings will start at 7pm. Guess that means the first show won't be live after all.

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