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Killin' jobbers.

Snitsky's back acne

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Seeing as Ryback's currently dispensing of nobodies on SmackDown it got me reminiscing of the old days when wrestling TV was flooded with squash matches.


Some squashes were absolutely brilliant, others brutal, others boring.


So, I figured lets pay tribute to the greatest squash matches ever seen on TV - from any promotion.


I'll start.....


Vader murderising two guys and breaking Joe Thurman's back



Pretty much any squash involving Yokozuna...who made them actual SQUASH matches......



.....and, of course, Lee Scott v Sid Vicious.




Sid Vicious v Greg Sawyer



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On iPod so can't be dealing with searching but i think we have a pretty definitive squash match directory already started that someone put together. You should add to that one I reckon, fun thread.




Snitsky, here is the thread SOC was referring to. Really fun thread as well.

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