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Great Bear Promotions - Sunday March 25th - Holmes Chapel, Cheshire


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Not sold on the name, bit random, roster looks interesting and in terms of credibilty well it has Damon Leigh on the show, a quality wrestler, who doesnt venture out past Grand Pro and Futureshock that much these days, I reckon thats a good sign.

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A memeber of Team Taz, Pitbull is a wrestler quickly gaining popularity around the country. He has branched out from his training school, RWA, and has established himself as a top talent in a number of companies such as Britannia Wrestling Promotions and Pro Wrestling 4 U, where he has held gold in both promotions.


March 25th will see Pitbull continue on his relentless march to the top of pro-wrestling, and we feel for whoever has to face him.

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Next name and match announced -

The Nordic Warrior

Few can match the power and ferocity from the man from beyond the North Sea. The Nordic Warrior has been a menacing presence at Futureshock for a number of years now as well as making appearances for Grand Pro Wrestling. The Nordic Warrior is all ready to raze the oppostion on March 25th.


Main Event

Pete Dunne vs. Sam Bailey

We really couldn't think of a more fitting main event for our first show as two of the UK's top young talents face off against each other for the very first time. With both possessing speed and agility, the two are evenly matched. This will surely be an epic battle which sets the bar for all Great Bear Promotions main events.

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Jack Gallagher

If there was a break out star in UK Wrestling in 2011 it was Jack Gallagher. Through a number of standout performances in that year he quickly became a well known name on the UK wrestling scene. His match with American star Davey Richards was hailed by the American as his favourite and praise has come from all quarters for the man from The Snake Pit.


Gallagher is sure to show on March 25th just why he is considered such a star and we suggest you visit our ticket page to get your tickets TODAY!

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Good additions to the show. Shame it won't be Gallagher Vs Gresham.

Maybe another time, however we can reveal Gallagher's opponent...


Behnam Ali

In many ways Benham Ali has been a 'secret' success story of the UK wrestling scene. Appearing in very few places in the UK save for 4FW and Premier Promotions his exposure to the UK crowd has been limited. However the Iranian star has been active in Japan for both the K-Dojo and SMASH and is a technically sound wrestler. It is with great pleasure we announce for Battle Kingdom 2012 -


Jack Gallagher vs Behnam Ali

A first time confrontation between these two stars such produce a match to have any true wrestling fan very excited. Both man holds something that the other strives for - Ali has his time spent in Japan and Gallagher has true UK exposure - so there is sure to be very little love lost.


Gallagher vs Ali - First time - March 25th!

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