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  1. It's been postponed due to the promoters having a family situation.
  2. I actually did some work on their first show. Despite the fact they've gone in a different (arguably better) direction since then I can guarantee it'd be an amazing atmosphere.
  3. You're thinking of the Old LPW. The new re-branded LPW stands for "Let's Punch Wrestlers" and is due to be a huge success drawing a bigger crowd than the competition, the local chippy.
  4. As far as I can make out photographer, didnt turn up and got panned and named and shamed, I really hope this wasn't me. I know someone's mentioned me to him before and I just ignored it. I wouldn't put it past him to get it in his head someone who never answered him is doing his show then blame them when they don't show up to a job they know nothing about. Oh and Adam don't even think about PM'ing me because I've posted here. I don't want any contact with you.
  5. Who's on the posters? I might be able to work it out and I'll message the promoter I think it is and find out.
  6. Neither…. Crusher comes from Rev Pro's Portsmouth Training School He just stood out a bit on that list. Usually when you have 7 top stars then one who only has a local reputation it turns out to be the promoter. Could be a good break for him then.
  7. Going to take a wild guess. Crusher Curtis is either the promoter or his best mate.
  8. So there's actually a company called Monkey Madness Wrestling and we're ignoring that and laughing at RISE?
  9. Looking forward to this, especially the Tyler vs CJ Banks match. Be interesting to see who Axel defends his title against is he makes it past Chris Brookes next week. The remaining names on the poster (one of the Dunnes or Kid Fite) would all be great matches, though personally I'd like to see Josh Bodom return to Great Bear and get the match.
  10. If it wasn't for Futureshock I'd expect the show to go ahead but two shows so close to each other on the same night wouldn't be great business sense. Apologies to SWE and LPW who sent me dates ages ago. I've got a bit of a family situation going on at the moment so haven't had time to add them until today.
  11. So I think we can guess who PCW's guest GM is for Spring Slam?
  12. I actually set up a Facebook page to try and get them to change how they were running them because we were paying a lot and weren't really getting any "interaction", rather some bell end in a sweater vest shoving people along and being really arrogant. To the point I saw him almost push over a guy on crutches one year. I know Dixie was aware of the page (I harassed her whenever I got chance with it) so I don't know how much of it was down to the fact she could see people weren't happy (probably not much but hopefully it helped), how much of it was down to the mean street posse reject no longer being there or if there were other things but last years was great. We got some of the bigger names on the roster at the time (Bully Ray/Bobby Roode etc) who aren't really huge names but when you look at the roster at the time it was pretty much the best we were going to get, we were allowed to talk to each wrestler, take pictures with each etc. It was the best they've done since the 2nd tour over here where each wrestler had their own table and you could just queue up for who you want to meet. When you compare it to the last few years where you just had to put your program down, get it scribbled on and move away asap before you got shoved by a prick it was a definite improvement. Personally I hope they go back to the old each wrestler has a table rather than the go down the line and meet everyone system. I've met most of the roster already so to me theres no point me taking up time meeting James Storm for something like the 6th time when someone who hasn't seen him before can have that time, but if they stick to how they did it last year I'll be happy. You got what you payed for for once.
  13. Can you edit the 4FW post and add venues to them? I can add them once you give me the venues.
  14. I'm not so sure thats the case. Just before his last show he seemed to be having a lot of trouble when Luke Hawx posted a conversation between the 2 where the promoter said he was short of money and hadn't paid his flight yet, but he was publicly blaming Hawx for pulling out last minute. Of course it could be a family illness but the shit seemed to be heading directly for the fan at the time.
  15. Not really sure if this should be posted in the main forum or not but just saw this on Wrestlezone. http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/517733-the-latest-wwe-inbox-features-coffee-wwe-diva-blasts-fake-merchandise I know Retro Wrestling advertise on here a bit so figured that if it is true then anyone on here thinking of buying from them should know, if it isn't then it gives them a chance to respond. Personally I never buy autographs unless I'm at a show/meet and greet etc and watching the person in question sign it in front of me for this very reason.