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UKFF Battle Rap 2012: Round 2


Who do you think should advance to the quarter finals?  

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Rules for Round 2:


1. Each rap must consist of 16 lines. No more, no less.


2. Maximum of two raps each.


3. You have until 3:00pm on Saturday 4th February to post. If you post nothing by the deadline, you're out.


4. Voting will commence after the rapping deadline. The cut-off point for votes will be 10:00pm on Wednesday 8th February.


Best of luck, cats.

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Hold thy fire, Loki.


Who hath herd of such crueltye before ?

He, with clothes ill-fit to rugged frame

A string of curses, feints and more

Against pore Feste hath made claim.

Alas sire for the laying downe of smake.

Have I somuch your mynd then offended?

Have I then made so grevous an attack

That by no meanes it may be amended?


Shall I pretend thee a sportsman true

Thy bulky carcasse on the field of playe

An ovoid ball across the turf pursue

Swamped in thy elder brother's stout array?

No, tis a fake sporte played in foreigne hue.

Thy welcome in this contest now I must allay,

E'en as Segal thy outstretched arms did vex.

Like Bolo sayed in Bloodsport "You are NEX!"

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