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Football Cliches

Max Power

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Lost the dressing room eh? How could he misplace it? He must have forgot to put his glasses on.


Player X is "unveiled" at a press conference. Does the gaffer wheel him in under a big white sheet before demanding silence like a magician performing a trick, before whipping off the cover to reveal his new signing to the astonishment of the press room.


And as for Jamie Redknapp. He's "literally" a bell end.






This topic has been shamelessly stolen from Twitter.




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"Well its a game of two halves" Really? I thought it was two thirds. "Its A funny old Game" - why is no one laughing then?


“transfer window slams shut” - whenever they say this I always imagine some bloke stood next to a window all summer and then when sept comes, he slams it shut.


“That’s a save right out of the top drawer”


Richard Keys: “Ooooo, Mourinho. You leviathan of a man. Touch me.”

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