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TNA Turning Point PPV 2011 *Spoilers*

Snake Plissken

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So the first few of matches have been announced spoilered as Im not sure where we are with IMPACT episodes at the moment:


<-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler

TNA Knockouts Title Match - Velvet Sky © vs Gail Kim


Then one Im sure you'll all be thrilled about Crimson vs Matt Morgan finally TNA World Title Match - Robert Roode © vs AJ Styles


Confused? Roode turns heel on Impact next week to beat Storm then wins a quick rematch the following week when Strom is injured leading to AJ making a challenge.


A great big WTF right there.


[close spoiler]

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Great to see AJ back in the title picture. We haven't seen that since.. Sacrifice 2010? I just hope we get him giving us 110% peformances like he used to. I must say I haven't been impressed with him this year probably because the whole Fortune thing has dragged out far too long and his feud with Daniels seem's like it could still be in the works.. Possibly a screw job by Daniels? Afterall most TNA PPV title matches have a screwy finish.


Anyway I've got the feeling this will be better than last year's Turning Point which was pretty dreadful.

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