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Cancelled October 1PW Show with Shawn Michaels


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To whom it may concern,


I am posting this message because I would like to hear from anyone who has not yet received their refund from 1PW with regards to the cancelled October show with Shawn Michaels.


Why you may ask? Well like many of you out there I have not received my refund! 1PW owe me a lot of money and have made no attempt to get in contact with me to let me know when I will receive it. I have tried emailing/calling with no response. My hope is that within the next week or two that everyone gets there money back, however if this doesn't happen I am planning to contact the police! So to make a long story short I am wanting to hear from anyone who would be willing to give me there name and contact telephone number so that if I'm forced to call the police I can forward your details onto them.


I realize it maybe a big ask, but I think we will have a better chance at getting our money back if the police can see just how many people are affected.


We've all paid 1PW a lot of our hard earned money and I just want to do all I can to get it back for us, so please contact me on the following email address with your name and number.




Look forward to hearing from you.

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It was more a reference to the banality of kralcdxela's "I'm too cool for this" trolling. If the subject of 1PW bores you so much, don't open a thread that's clearly about 1PW.

Opening a thread to declare how much you loathe being in it just makes you look like a twat.

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