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Kata Ha Jime

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So, it's been on for a little bit now and I'm finding it hard to get in to, there are points I find funny but alot of the time (to me) it's just not.


For those that haven't seen it here is a summery from IMDB.

The story of Ryan, a depressed man who believes he is getting nowhere in his life and plans to kill himself. In the middle of his attempted suicide, he is asked to watch his neighbor's dog, Wilfred, but Ryan can only see Wilfred as a real person instead of an animal that everyone else sees. As they begin to bond more and become friends, Wilfred teaches Ryan a life lesson about people, love, and living


Anyone else seen it? Opinions?

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Shite, said as much in the TV thread. Seen about 3 eps now waiting for BBC 3 to show some edinburgh Fringe/American Dad/ Family Dad stuff.


Beyond awful.


It's not even that the man in animal suit type thing is a new thing for Frodo





Bringing back memories of North can only be a bad thing

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I really like it....not as good as Mrs Browns Boys though, i discovered that last night and had the best ab workout ever with my fits of laughter!


Highjacking the thread a bit but I went to see Mrs Brown live in Bournemouth a couple of months ago, and Noddy Holder was in the audience. Excellent comedy show and funny as hell live.


Wilfred I kinda like, it's a bit silly but I give it a go when it comes on. I liked the first episode, but the last episode I saw had Randy from My Name is Earl coming over Elijah Woods house to watch porn and masterbate with him, at that point I kinda felt it had already run it's course with me. Shame I really did like it about a week ago.

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