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Meeting Chris Benoit

DJ Kris

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Is that a common thing at the Axxess weekends, you have to miss stuff because you're queueing for ticket collection and whatnot?


Not always. They do usually schedule it for the Friday night which makes sense as most people would be flying in that day, but it's not ideal if you plan on doing the Friday night ROH show or whatever.


In Detroit for WM23 we breezed in and out in less than an hour, but that night in NYC took nearer 3 hours iirc. Maybe the fact they were hosting the world premiere of 'The Condemned' that night speeded up the process.


So I suppose that shows even the total attendances don't really affect it as you would expect more of the 70,000 fans at WM23 would have been on Travel Packages than the 18,000 at WM20.


When we collected our tickets at Royal Rumble 2003 there wasn't even a queue, they had people at a desk for the entire evening so you could stroll up and collect your stuff whenever.

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Did anyone here ever meet Benoit?


I've met him a couple of times. Once was more by chance when he was in the bar of a hotel but he was with Jim Korderas and Fit Finlay at the time minding their own business having a drink and to be honest even if i did have any ideas of approaching him i'd get the impression it wouldn't have been welcomed giving the circumstances.


Other time i met him before the WWF were leaving for a UK tour in 2007 (ish) and he was fine. Didn't express much at all either verbally or in his body language but he wasn't rude, managed to grab a quick photo with my mate and he was on his way. He does have that 1000 yard cold stare in his eyes though, quite surreal looking back at it now with everything that happened !

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