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UKFF UK50 - Stage Two: "The Maybes"  

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Stage One in the process to determine the 7th annual UKFF UK50 is done and dusted - for full details of what went into that stage, as well as an introduction to the project as a whole, CLICK HERE.


As a result of your contributions during Stage One, 48 wrestlers received sufficient nominations to earn themselves a guaranteed place somewhere in the 2011 UKFF UK50. Those 48 are, in alphabetical order (2010 position shown in brackets):


Andy Wild

Benham Ali

BT Gunn (29)

Cameron Kraze (20)

CJ Banks (17)

Colossus Kennedy


"Darkside" James Scott (16)

Dave Mastiff (2)

Dean Allmark

Eddie Reyes

El Ligero (4)

Greg Burridge

Jack Gallagher

James Mason (26)

JD Knight (44)

Joe Conners (50)

Joel Redman (18)

Joey Hayes (10)

Johnny Moss (7)

Jonny Storm (13)

Kid Fite (28)

Kris Travis (6)

Liam Thomson (19)

Lionheart (11)

Mad Man Manson (25)

Mark Haskins (8)

Martin Kirby (9)

Marty Scurll (15)

Max Angelus

Mikey Whiplash (33)

Mohmed Ameen (47)

Nathan Cruz (38)

Noam Dar (43)

Owen Phoenix

Paul Malen (27)

RJ Singh (24)

Robbie X (46)

Rockstar Spud (3)

Sam Bailey (35)

Stixx (12)

T-Bone (31)

Terry Frazier (23)

The Saint

Val Kabious (37)

Wild Boar/Mike Hitchman

Zack Diamond/Gibson

Zack Sabre Jr (5)


In somewhat of a large-scale turnover, Andy Wild, Benham Ali, Colossus Kennedy, Cyanide, Dean Allmark, Eddie Reyes, Jack Gallagher, Max Angelus, Owen Phoenix, The Saint, Wild Boar and Zack Diamond join the UK50 for the very first time, while Burridge makes his first appearance since the 2008 UK50.


Of course, this also means that Wolfgang (49), Red Lightning (48), Lion Kid (45), Danny Garnell (41), Keith Myatt (40), Danny Hope (39), Scott Renwick (34), Derice Coffie (32), Leroy Kincaide (21) and 2009 winner Bubblegum (14) have all failed to make it this year and, as such, are relegated from the UKFF UK50.


But hold on, of course, there are only 48 names listed above, and we have 50 spaces to fill. How do we do that? Read on....


Stage Two - The "Maybes"


6 wrestlers received a tied number of nominations for the last 2 spaces. Those wrestlers are:


Damian O'Connor

Established member of the Scottish wrestling scene, who also appeared in England for Triple-X Wrestling. Placed 42nd last year.


Dave Rayne

As seen in Stockport's FutureShock Wrestling and other North-West-based organisations. Returned after a year-long absence to fight Alex Shane's minions, only to turn heel and then win the FSW Championship. Has never appeared in the UKFF UK50 before, but was voted into the SHIT LIST last year.


"Lightning Kid" Mark Andrews

Well-travelled up-and-comer who has started earning rave reviews for his work in the Midlands and the South-West, including 4FW, Pro EV Promotions, AMP Wrestling and as part of the NeXXXus in TXW. Masked or unmasked, he has never appeared in the UKFF UK50 before.


Martin Stone

Yep, last year's UKFF UK50 #1 ranked wrestler fails to directly make the list this time, following a lengthy spell on the sidelines. "Gave up" his FWA World Heavyweight Title to Alex Shane at the end of 2010 after a main event bout with Leroy Kincaide. In IPW:UK, he wrapped up his feud with Danny Garnell before having heavy-hitting singles bouts with Sha Samuels and Kincaide. Rumour had him moving over to the US this year, but he has been out with a knee injury.


Robbie Dynamite

All Star Wrestling veteran, who placed 36th last year, has reduced his bookings considerably in 2011. Before that, however, he and Mikey Whiplash won the Undisputed British Tag Team Titles from the LDRS, leading to several scorching tag bouts to close 2010 in IPW:UK.


Sha Samuels

Fails to directly make the list after appearing in the UK50 every year since 2006 (he came 30th last year). Feuded with former partners Terry Frazier and Martin Stone in IPW:UK before turning his attentions to Dave Mastiff and the IPW:UK Undisputed British Title, which he won in 2011. Part of The Resistance in FWA.



How does this work, then?

You need to vote in the poll attached to this thread for the person from the 6 listed above that you feel most deserves a place somewhere in the 2011 UKFF UK50, based on the same criteria used and described in Stage One (i.e. in-ring performances, that you have actually seen, taking place between 1 July 2010 and 30 June 2011).


It doesn't matter if you did or didn't take part in Stage One, but obviously the nature of the poll means only one vote per participating UKFF member.


The two wrestlers that have received the most votes when this poll closes at 23:59 on Friday 29th July 2011 will take the final 2 spaces in the 2011 UKFF UK50. The other 4 will be eliminated.


As always, feel free to use this thread to discuss the results and who you believe is most deserving of the final 2 slots. Provide examples if you can.


I'll be popping back in to show some of the quotes which accompanied the nominations received during Stage One for these 6, to possibly help you make your mind up.


Thanks, and get voting! Who should it be?!?

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Holy crap, Sha Samuels and Robbie Dynamite had definite spots in my top 10.


I felt both had a great 10/11 period, Sha was going to rank higher than Dynamite in my list so he got my vote.


But in IPW:UK Sha emerged as the top heel and overall fantastic character and had really good matches against Terry Frazier and Martin Stone in this time period, both matches against Mastiff being good, but not as good as what you'd hope for. In the eligible time period he even became a deserved IPW:UK Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion! So I will be dismayed if he doesn't make it in.


Dynamite on the other hand was involved in one of my favourite all UK matches of 2010 and the series of matches between The All Star's and The LDR's were absolutely blinding and warrant to be seen by any fans of tag team wrestling. He also held a distinction of being one of few Englishmen to wrestle for both NOAH and Dragon Gate while they were over here. So as one of the most consistent and solid mat technicians in England who may or may not have had his last year in wrestling during this time period, he deserves to go out with a high place in the UKFF 50.

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Mandrews needs to be in the 50 for me, the guy is one of the most exciting guys to watch live, I'm all for technical bouts, hard hitting contests and all that but when you need to see poetry in motion and ust a fluid, highflying gracefullness there's not many people better.


The guy's onto big things in the next year and I feel he needs to be shown to be one of the best in the country.

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I had to go with Sha Samuels. Sorry people, I've never been a big Martin Stone fan and while I've never seen Damien O Connor, the others I've seen but Sha left the biggest impression on me.


Oh and I would like to add Karl Atlas is still amazing despite being omitted yet again. You'll never break my love for this man.

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I honestly can't even remember Martin Stone for this past year of voting, I know he's been about but bar some FWA stuff and IPW I honestly can't remember reading about him anywhere or just in general being mentioned. Guess the knee injury was quite bad.

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Has Rayne improved leaps and bounds then in the past year? I mean to go from shitlist to UKFF 50 means he must have got a lot better rather quickly.


Anyone that sees shows from his neck of the woods able to give me any info?

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That list is really quite shocking as i think 4 of them deserve a spot. Martin stone isn't much of a shock but Dynamite and Samuels really should be in the top 50. While Mark Andrews is always a treat to watch. Oddly i disagree with Dave Rayne being there as i have only seen him once and he wasn't very impressive.

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