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The New Album Thread

Max Power

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Inspired by the fact that there's a Noel Gallagher press conference at Midday today, and taken from www.noelgallagher.com:




Noel Gallagher will be announcing details of his forthcoming debut solo album today at 12:00 at a press conference in London. Noel's record label, Sour Mash Records, will be tweeting live from the event with all the details on Noel's official Twitter page.


To follow the event on Twitter and get all the available details of the album first click HERE!


The entire press conference will be available to view later today here at noelgallagher.com as well as his official YouTube channel, Facebook and MySpace pages.


Now that has got me quite excited, in fact, I'm like a kid at Christmas. I hope the lazy fucker isn't gonna announce that he's got a new album out in January 2012 or I may explode.


Anyway, anything else of interest being released in the near future? Tell me about it - I like new music.

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I downloaded Lil B's "Im Gay (Im Happy)" this morning after hearing good things about it on another music forum I frequent. I didn't think it'd be up my alley as I find Lil B exceptionally hit-and-miss, but it's surprisingly consistent and consistently enjoyable.

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Watched some of the Noel press conference, he referenced WWE and the Macho Man and even did his trademark "oh yeah". Quality.


Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen are releasing albums this year, I'm rather looking forward to both. Daniel Johns is also meant to be releasing a double album.

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