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Does anybody own any WWE stock?


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Speak to Mark Sloan at A-Merchandise.



Could you elaborate please?


I misread the post. I thought it was bulk buying of WWE stock to sell on like buying a load of figures.

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Is stock not cheap at $10.30 at the moment?


This is an article from Forbes from march, giving WWE stock some high praise.





What ramifications does the slashing of the divined have?


You get paid less of a dividend per share. It also lowers the stock price. But the dividend wasn't sustainable anyway, as they were previously using their cash on hand to pad it.


Actually, here's a piece about it from last week's Observer - it's in reference to the WWE Shareholders meeting:

The big news was the revised dividend, dropping from 36 cents per share per quarter among stockholders not named McMahon, and 24 cents per share for the McMahons, to a new dividend of 12 cents per share across the board. This will drop the annual dividend payment from about $83 million to $36 million. The company has been doing in the range of $50 million per year in profits, so this is a sustainable figure, unlike the prior figure, and which is why there really didn
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You could buy WWE shares through any decent stockbroker. I use Selftrade.


Having said that, I wouldn't touch WWE shares with a bargepole. Their main business is struggling and can only head further downwards in my opinion. Coupled with this, I don't believe their diversification plan will work. Once this happens, the company will be left in a weakened financial state. The share price will head downwards as investors bail out, leaving it ripe for the McMahon family to launch an offer at a bargain basement price to take the company private again. All the other investors get screwed. Just my prediction, but we shall see.

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