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WWE RAW 9/5 discussion thread

Ron Simmons

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Thought it was a decent enough show just a few points:


: A Zack Ryder cameo he'll be ott excited on his next video


: Why are they wasting CM Punk he may be leaving (any idea when?) but there must be a better use for him than getting punched


: R-Truth is doing well in his new character, hopefully shows those in charge that a change can do a guy alot of good.


: Cole/Lawler has gone way to long, I woulda liked for the Drew/Swag team to continue and be coles bodyguards and they'd make a decent team to go against Kane & Show


: Why cant wwe let anyone look dominent against Kane and/or Show, no matter how many or big the guys are they all get hammered, I know there monsters but it doesnt create must interest for me.


: Cena battering A-Ri was just pointless, and Miz coming out kinda gave away he'd win the 3way which was a good match.

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The show's highlight for me was Del Rio's reaction to his announcer cutting off The Miz to say his name... needs a .gif. His mannerisms are fucking fantastic.


Odd that lawler is allowed to choke Cole with his tie. Cole like choked and stuff. And Lawler was using his tie.

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