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Hi guys,

Greg Burridge here, Just doing some shameless self promotion.

Please check out my you tube channel where i have various videos of myself. One of the videos is a first in a monthly internet based tv show called Tea and Biscuit. This will be like loose women but for wrestling fans. We dont just cover wrestling, but other areas of interest to wrestling fans. For instance, the first episode is a special episode about Jack Kirby. A comic book illustrating legend who recently had a exhibition about him and his work at the resistance gallery , london.


I am attaching various links , one of them being a link to the London School of Lucha Libre. Come train in the art of wrestling in a great and friendly enviroment, beginners tuesday advanced wednesday. This tuesday is a closed session,only open to regular students as we have special trainer JUVENTUD GUERRERA teaching his excellence. If you have at least 6 months training then pop down on wednesday. If not we will see you guys next week.


Please also check my blog and my facebook page,I am very approachable,i will answer all questions and have little chats on facebook, even with the homosexuals who keep asking me if they could touch me in inappropriate places. i know i can relay on the good people of the ukff to help me with these matter. Any feedback good or bad will be taken on board, if bad, remember i know where you guys live,hahahaha, only joking....but seriously,,,,,,haha only joking.

but seriously.


- This is who i am


- My first short movie


- Tea and Biscuit number 1


http://gregburridge.blogspot.com/ - My Blogspot


http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=706229273 My Facebook



http://londonschoolofluchalibre.blogspot.com/ - The LSLL Blogspot


http://www.resistancegallery.com/ - The home of the LSLL


http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=135550349804571 - The LSLL Facebook page


http://www.luchabritannia.blogspot.com/ - The Lucha Britannia Blogspot

http://www.luchabritannia.com/ - Britains number 1 Lucha entertainments promotion

Thanks guys

Greg Burridge - the Cockney Crusader

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lol, and so it shall be done lol


please read my new blog i have wrote.

it regards quite a important time in my life.


incase you where not aware, i have not really been active in the wrestling scene as of late, this blog explains why

But dont worry, There has been something seriously lacking in britain in the last couple of years, and that s a little bit of burridge juice, i plan on spreading my juice thick over everyone and everything once again

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I thought Greg was Darren's brother!

Where does that leave Baxter?


he was just a distant relative, he lives in san fransisco now, opened up a chain of gyms called love muscle with his "business partner" hugo.

there having fun, he sends his love

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