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TNA Impact Discussion Thread (10th March 2011)


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We open with a recap of last weeks Impact in which Sting returned and defeated Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Heavyweight title.




Sting opens the show with an in-ring promo, he puts over the fans and Jeff Hardy until he's interrupted by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Hogan talks about his history with Sting, he says that Sting tried to warn everyone about Hulk's true intentions several months ago but nobody wanted to listen, he says that the Sting abandoned TNA and left it ripe for the taking. Sting says that he left because he didn't want to deal with Bischoff, Hogan and Flair but leaving made him realise how much fire he still had left. Ken Anderson's music hits and Anderson stomps down to the ring, he grabs a mic and says that he wants his rematch and he doesn't care what he has to do to get it, he introduces himself to Sting in the established fashion which brings Jeff Hardy down to the ring. Jeff insults the audience and claims that he was robbed by Sting, Jeff says that the line of contenders for Sting starts behind him which brings out Rob Van Dam who claims that he's been screwed over and held back ever since he was stripped of the title due to injury. Bischoff announces Jeff Hardy and Sting for Victory Road and that tonights main event will be Sting and RVD versus Ken Anderson and Jeff Hardy in a tag team match.


Jersey Shore's Angelina, Cookie and Sarita barge into the Beautiful People's changing room and tell them that tonight they're going to get their asses kicked. Winter appears and gets in the heels faces until they leave. Velvet tells Love that if Winter doesn't get "on the same page" tonight then her and Love are going to have problems, Love tries to calm Velvet down but Velvet walks away.


[Pope battles Samoa Joe next.]


Samoa Joe comes down to the ring accompanied by Okato, Pope's music hits but Pope is nowhere to be found. Pope sneaks in through the crowd, he wraps his necklace around his fist and punches Okato in the back of the head. Joe controls the match hitting all of his signature spots until Pope fights back. Pope rips the turnbuckle pad and attempts to throw Joe into it, Joe counters with an exploder suplex and as the referee tries to put the turnbuckle pad back on Pope nails Joe with his chain and gets the pinfall.


Bully Ray is walking backstage. He berates Tommy Dreamer for sticking his nose into his business and challenges Dreamer to a fight in the parking lot.


Madison Rayne issues another open challenge which is answered by the (hopefully) returning "Hardcore Knockout" Roxxi. Madison and Roxxi have an unspectacular albeit solid matchup culminating in Madison getting the clean victory. After the match Madison beats on Roxxi until Mickie James stumbles down to the ring in heels, takes out Tera and chases Madison away.


Dreamer goes out to the parking lot to wait for Bully Ray.


Bully Ray is in the parking lot looking for Dreamer but instead finds Devon. Devon beats on Bully Ray and whips him with the wallet chain. Devon grabs a sledgehammer but is stopped by Tommy Dreamer who convinces Devon to leave with him. After Dreamer and Devon leave Bully Ray is helped to his feet by a security guard, Ray thanks the guard by beating him up and slamming a piece of guardrail over him.


Cookie, (Jersey Shore) Angelina, Sarita and Rosita make their way to the ring to Robbie E's music and wait in the ring for Winter, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Again, Winter disrupts the Beautiful People's entrance:




JS Angelina obviously can't work but insists on starting the match against Velvet, she lures Velvet into the heels corner and the heels work over Velvet allowing JS Angelina a chance to slap Velvet about a bit. Velvet rolls on top of JS Angelina and bashes her head into the canvas which brings everyone into the ring for a bit of a brawl. Robbie E runs in and restrains Velvet, Cookie and JS Angelina discuss which one of them will smack Velvet until Winter rolls in and tells them that she's going to do it. The heels agree and Velvet goes mental until Winter decks Cookie and JS Angelina, Robbie grabs Winter but Winter bites his hand and kicks him out of the ring allowing Velvet to roll up JS Angelina for the three count.


Footage from last weeks Impact in which Kurt Angle was attacked by New York Jets player Bart Scott resulting in Angle 'breaking' his ankle with the ankle lock. Angle says that if Scott wants to fight again he'll fight him again. Ken Anderson encourages football players to stay out of TNA.


Ken Anderson is in Hogan's office with Bischoff and Hardy. Anderson suggests that he might just beat Jeff Hardy up to get out of the tag match main event, Bischoff encourages Anderson to "use his head" and not to leave himself in a two-on-one situation in the main event. Anderson leaves but he's clearly not happy.


[Footage of Rick Flair betraying Fortune.]


Matt Hardy and Rick Flair are in the ring, this match is advertised as a triple threat street fight against AJ Styles but Flair isn't dressed to fight. AJ comes down to the ring in jeans and a t-shirt and has a little back and forth verbal action with Flair until Matt Hardy grabs the mic and suggests that AJ is young and naive, he says that wrestling is an industry that strips people of their innocence and that the only way to succeed is to fight against "the system", AJ attacks Matt and Flair bails. AJ alternates between beating on Matt and Flair until AJ locks the Figure Four on Flair which is eventually broken up by a legdrop from Matt. AJ and Matt battle with AJ intermittently attacking Flair, Flair gets busted open badly. Matt Hardy brings a ladder into the ring which gets a big pop and slams it into AJ's face, Matt props the ladder up and attempts to throw AJ into it but fails and ends up getting tossed into it himself. Flair is wearing a crimson mask but holds his own against AJ for a while. The match ends when AJ attempts a Styles Clash on Matt Hardy onto a steel chair but Flair makes the save with a low blow, Matt hits a Twist Of Hate onto the chair allowing Flair to get the pinfall and the win.




Backstage Sting walks into RVD's dressing room and apologises to Rob for "getting off on the wrong foot before". Rob doesn't seem to go for it and leaves.


Generation Me are in the ring for a match against the number one contenders for the TNA World Tag Team Titles Ink Inc. Gen Me seem to be having a few issues, Max Buck keeps tagging himself into the match after Jeremy Buck has done the hard work then tags out when he's had enough. James Storm is on commentary and talks about his history traveling with Shannon Moore. It seems that at Victory Road Gen Me are in an Ultimate X match with Kazarian and Robbie E which is probably why they're teasing a Gen Me breakup. After beating on Shannon for several minutes Moore makes the tag to Neal who lays a beating on Gen Me. Neal charges at Max Buck in the corner but receives a boot to the jaw for his efforts, Max places Neal on the top turnbuckle then signals for Jeremy Buck, Jeremy charges at Max who catapults his brother into Neal for what might have been a hurricanrana except Neal speared Jeremy in mid flight. Shannon tosses Max out of the ring and Ink Inc hit their finisher on Jeremy for the win.




Jeff Hardy walks into Ken Anderson's locker room and asks what Ken's plans are, Ken says that like Jeff he's "illogical and unorthodox" and leaves.


Pope is in the backstage area, he hates Samoa Joe and at Victory Road he vows to rid TNA of Samoa Joe forever.


[Recap footage of the Jarrett's wedding from last week.]


Jeff and Karen no-sell Kurt Angle's activities from last week and talk about their honeymoon in Orlando.


[ultimate X hype video showing the greatest hits from the matches history.]


Victory Roads matches are as follows:

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The last two episodes of Impact have been really good, getting out of Orlando and into some proper buildings has really done wonders for the atmosphere of the promotion, everything from the larger audiences to the proper stage setup makes the company feel important. I hope they never go back to Orlando.

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The last two episodes of Impact have been really good, getting out of Orlando and into some proper buildings has really done wonders for the atmosphere of the promotion, everything from the larger audiences to the proper stage setup makes the company feel important. I hope they never go back to Orlando.

This this and this a thousand times!

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Victory road is gunna suck its like they have forgot they have a ppv

The lineup for the PPV is right there in the first post and all of the matches on the card serve a purpose.


I haven't seen TNA since Sting has returned, but have they mentioned or hinted at the hype of the Sting/Taker rumours? Knowing them, I bet they have.

The week before Sting returned they did a spoof of the videos they aired on WWE programming before 'Taker returned, but other than that it hasn't been mentioned. Seeing as Sting is back in TNA I think it's safe to kiss the rumoured Sting/Undertaker match goodbye for another year. Assuming Taker defeats Trips at Wrestlemania.

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