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Jake Roberts Retirement Match


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havent this posted anywhere which is quite surprising. ‎2day marks the end of an era, the era of the best heel in the wrestling & 1 of the best promo men ever. 2day marks the end of one of my heroes and idol, that man is none other then Jake "The Snake" Roberts. 2day he faces Sinn Bodhi in his retirement match. I wish both men good luck for the match & would like to say THANK YOU jake for everything you have done in this business & god bless you sir. What are memories of Jake, good or bad. Post vids at will

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Hasn't he retired about 11 times now? If he really meant it he would do it somewhere better than fucking PWG.


I think the point is more that its at the WrestleReunion convention and PWG just happen to be running the featured show. Having your retirement match in front of a large number of your contemporaries and a good crowd doesn't seem like a bad idea to me.

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According to his myspae page he, he's been aon a retirement tour and this is the end of it. Of ourse im sure if someone offered him $5000 he'd lace 'em' up again in a heartbeat. I am surprised that he's retiring though as from what ive seen over the last 7-8 years his match's have consisted of


Opponent hits him


Jake drops to the floor


Jake takes kicking on floor


opponent goes for finisher, Jake reverses and hits DDT,


1-2-3 end of match


hardly a bump fest!, i'm sure most wrestlers could go on to 70 doing that routine.


Looking at the way he huffs and puffs (just moving), his injuries, weight, and his less than healthy lifestyle (all those cigs alone will catch up to you, let alone the breeze block's sized rocks of crak he must haver racked up) i thinkn its justa case of it being too hard now.


Truly a shame, personally i think his 92, Tuesday night in Texas Liz promo is one of the greatest promos of all time!

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