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China. Anyone been?


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Been to Japan a couple of times, as well as Hong Kong. Now looking into my next fix of Asia. The natural choice that has been suggested is China. Im sure there are people here who have been. Any advice on where to go/what to do? If we stayed in Beijing for 13 days, would there be enough to do? Is it a good base to go on day trips?



On a more general note, are there any other places in Asia that people would highly recommend? Brazil has also been thrown about. Any thoughts?

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I've spent 9 months in China, but nearly all was in a Wushu school in a small town called Deng Feng, that said China is awesome, the people stare and are quite vulgar (spitting, blowing there noses in the street) the toilets are a nightmare and the food is pretty shit but the sights are amazing and the chinese are friendly if you make an effort. You might want to learn some chinese phrases as few speak English, even in Beijing it can be hard to find English speakers. It's very cheap so your money will go far and the night life is cool, lots of hot chinese women who love white guys (if indeed you are white) the guys are friendly too and you will get free drinks and smokes.


Yeah recommended.

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I spent some time in Shanghai, China.


Really great place. Huge, exciting and fairly affordable.


Lots of engrish speakers, and a great nightlife. The underground bars have a lot of character, and the ladies do like the western gents.


The moganshan district is an amazing art district. And we had 2 exhibitions here, swell as the shanghai fashion hub.


You can travel very cheaply too! Pm if you do decide to go!

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I went to China in 2006 (Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing). Can not recommend it enough.


As was mentioned earlier, people (maninly the older generation) tend to stare alot at tourists, which creeped me out a bit at first. Simply shoot them a stare back and they'll quickly stop though.

Toilets were interestsing to say the least upon first viewing:


fans of An Idiot Abroad will know about these also.


Best piece of advice I can give is

* Drink bottled water (as with most overseas holidays)

* to not give money to beggers (as I was told that you'll have loads of them following you all over the city)

* While in Shanghai, if anybody asks you (in English) if you want to come to their art gallery, just say no. From what I was told, you get taken to this shop/flat were they lock you in and won't let you leave until you've spend X amount (how much of that is actually true Im not sure, but I wasnt willing to test it).

* If visiting Tianimen Square, don't do what we saw one person doing and talk about/re-create that tank incident, chances are you won't be coming home

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I worked in China for a few months and echo what has already been said here.


The people are filthy and the beggars are a pain. I made the mistake of tipping one and had a whole host of them following me down the street!


Prostitution and pick pocketing are also rife. Just keep your wits about you. I was pick pocketed in a shop and my passport stolen. As a result, I was stuck in China for 12 days more than I bargained for and it was one of the biggest hassles i've ever had getting a new one. Chinese people just know rules, they don't know anything else.


The food, at first is not good! But there are good places to eat if you look. It's a culture shock if you've not seen anything like it before, chickens, dogs, fish all hanging outside shops etc. If that doesn't make you sick, don't look at the locals when they eat. Disgusting.


This spitting thing is also all over the place. Takes some getting used to.


I would highly reccommend Tiananmen Square, it's very impressive but be on your best behaviour there, it's heavily gaurded and comes with strict rules. I think everyone should see China at least once, go!

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Couple of followup points to what I made earlier:

* prostitution- while we were in Nanjing, any house with some some of pink/purple lighting outside of it is usually a whorehouse.

* do not take any photos/film footage of Militry persons- we got some photos/footage on the sly, but be very careful.

* If your with any female company and a chinese person ask for a pjoto with them, tell em to do one. Their usually teen boys who will tell their friends its their girlfriend. Or do what I did and offer a photo with me instead, they'll soon say no.

* if people are pestering you (street venders usually) in english (they'll assume your British or American), bust out some harsh sounding German and they'll soon leave you be

* HAGGLE!- at market stalls, you can always get stuff cheaper


Further to my comment about Tiananmen Square, it is a great place to go, but be on your best behaviour. The Forrbidan City is essential to visit too

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I can confirm the Forbidden City is doing just fine. In fact they have just opened a few new pavillions to the public.


Having worked out here for the last 6 months (and probably for the next 18 months) I can only echo what the people above have said. You will love it as long as you are not completely naive and expect Western comforts at every turn.


I have been lucky enough to travel all over the country and every city has it's own unique surprises.


6 months has been enough to give me a lifetime's dinner table anecdotes.

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