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PWG at Wrestlereunion including legends Battle Royal


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Ok, it's not until January but PWG have another show at the Wrestlereunion weekend (as do ROH).


PWG's show will include a legends Battle Royale which so far includes:

Tito Santana

Terry Funk

Bob Orton Jr.

Roddy Piper

Barry O (brother of Bob Orton)

Val Venis

Savio Vega



Should be alot of fun. Especially with Excalibar on commentary.

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Not trying to be nit picky but isn't it Berry O ? And didn't he accuse Pat Patterson of trying to sleep with him? Or am I thinking about someone else?


Nope, you're right. He was involved in that WWF sex scandal and accused Pat and one other agent at the time of molesting him live on television after Bruno Sammartino prompted him to man up and tell the world who he was accusing.


And it was definitely Barry O


EDIT - He accused them in live TV, he didn't get molested by them on live TV

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Has anyone actually taken a trip over to see PWG live ? I've been considering it for quite a while now.


I'm actually considering going to this. Although like the last Wrestlereunion show, it might not feel quite like a PWG show in Reseda.


From what i've heard about Reseda (where all PWG shows are) it's not the nicest of places and the venue is in a pretty horrible area. I looked into going this summer because i was in California but i missed the show that month by a few days.

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I went to the Sixth Anniversary show in Reseda last summer and it was a fantastic experience. The atmosphere was great, the wrestling was the highlight of the trip (which also included an ROH show in Toronto and the first Dragon Gate USA show in Philadelphia). It has cheap, four pint jugs of beer and wrestlers were fine hanging around after the show to chat and pose for photos.


On the down side, it's not that easy to get to and the the show finished after the last bus heading back to LA, so I had a weird taxi ride with a Russian who'd just finished working at a petrol station. It was still preferable to hanging around in Reseda after midnight!


Depending when their July/August shows are next year I'm planning on going again.

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I went to WrestleReunion last year and were an amazing experience. PWG show was way better than ROH and matches were of a higher calibre. ROH was more of a build to the main matches whereas PWG was all out throughout. Defo reccomend going to this event, think they had over 1000, which made for great atmosphere.

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Just an update to this, because the card has been announced:


Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Title Match

Claudio Castagnoli (Champion) vs. El Generico (Challenger)


Singles Match

Low Ki vs. Davey Richards


Special Attraction Singles Match


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