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[Nominations] Worst British Match of 2009


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Worst British matches I've seen live this year:


- Surf Graffitti vs. Stuart Woods - 3CW event in Northallerton (June)


- The Lost (Michael Wentz & Jordan Way) vs. EntouRAGE (Mark Sloan & Wade Fitzgerald) - 3CW Midsummer Showdown (July)


- The Lost (Michael Wentz & Jordan Way) vs. Sean David & Jason Mason - 3CW Darkest Deeds VI (September)


- Stuart Woods vs. Prince Mohmed Ameen - 3CW Darkest Deeds VI (September)


- Ricky J McKenzie vs. Voodoo vs. Matt Taylor vs. Jack Toxic - GPW Truth & Consequences (September)


- Dave Breaks & Joseph Connors vs. Kaleb Hughes & Adrenaline - FWA event in Broxbourne (October)


- 15-man rumble - FWA event in Broxbourne (October)


- Stixx & Paul Malen vs. Kris Travis & Martin Kirby - FWA event in Broxbourne (October)

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