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  1. I bought Survivor Series on Sky Box Office as I was having issues with the Network. I sky plus'd the live HD broadcast but when I watched it I felt the picture wasn't that great and looked like an upscaled SD broadcast. Have Sky stopped doing proper HD for WWE ppvs or am I just loosing my eyesight further?!
  2. I ended up falling behind as I went to Manchester for the WWE tapings and forgot that Full Gear was on. For some reason I just haven't had the spirit to catch up and I do think it is down to the already emerging repetitive shows that others have mentioned. I feel like I've seen 100 Private Party matches already. It is a shame, as with its WCW look I was hoping we'd get a return to a more slower paced style and storytelling, but I'm guessing that the market these days continues to be for fast spotfests. I am missing not seeing Chris Jericho though. What a blast he has been. And on a side note, Survivor Series has been successful in terms of me wanting to see more of Keith Lee. Great booking by WWE.
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