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  1. 'Never mind lads. We'll distract them by announcing that all shops in England will open from the 15th June. The peasants have been chomping at the bit for Primark to reopen.'
  2. From memory that match was also terrible, although there was no reference to it being bad in this week's episode, they just made out that only the Saudi match was poor. Both were shit. My memories from the 'last time ever' match was the world's worst Irish whip where one of them didn't even turn round and a terrible suplex onto a knocked over guard rail. I'm sure somebody on here will have GIFs of these they can wheel out! Edit: a quick Google and it turns out the Irish whip was from the Crown Jewel tag. So just the terrible suplex from Super Show Down.
  3. Funnily enough I gave WWE 2k19 a shot again last night (never bought 2k20 for obvious reasons). Tried universe mode for the first time. Played some segment which was some weird promo mini game and was not fun or interesting in the slightest. Quit that and tried and exhibition match. Laughed at how bad the Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels character models were. Two minutes in I'm put in a submission and can't work the weird spinning escape mechanisms resulting in my character submitting. Promptly switched off and left me longing for simpler days of Here Comes the Pain.
  4. So Trump has vowed to have a vaccine and a few hundred thousand people receiving this by the end of 2020. The name of this great project? Operation Warp Speed. You just can't make this up.
  5. The use of 'Be Alert' is what is most concerning. I'm sure that's what they say after a terrorist attack, when they are telling you it is absolutely fine to go about doing everything as normal, but to be alert. It is just going to give those who want an excuse to constantly be out, to be out. So we should see another spike by the beginning of June...
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