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  1. In Scotland as you are aware we are a bit behind with rules for pubs, restaurants and going in people's houses only recently relaxed. Needless to say I've been horrified at social media this weekend. So many people out with friends all huddled around touching each other for photos. I've even seen one video of beer pong amongst friends in somebody's house, the most hygienic game ever. Oh and a few folk abroad with one even stopping off at a Greek tattoo parlour. It's like everybody thinks it is over. We are absolutely fucked. In the words of Game of Thrones....Winter is coming....
  2. I foolishly keep paying them. I'm exactly as described. Somebody who will keep watching now and again as I've dedicated 20 years to it. I'm part of the problem. I think those who keep down just hope that it will return at some point to decent TV. The stuff that got you interested in the first place which is really great characters and a reason you must tune in. Although the match quality is too floppy floppy indie, I do think AEW present a more enjoyable easy to watch show that does remind me of why I liked wrestling in the first place. And I would love WWE to simplify and get back to what I enjoy. I don't want to be bashing them, just give me so decent wrestling that I'm not mortified at the thought of somebody catching me watching.
  3. This show may have to be one of the lowest moments they've had. I'd seen no build up so was unaware and absolutely gobsmacked at the fact one match was actually focused on the only way to win was to gauge somebody's eye out. Utterly offensive and highly irresponsible considering the younger viewing audience they now target. Apparently they were going to have actual CGI of an eyeball popping out but Vince didn't like the look of it and sacked it off. Ziggler in the title match. Swamp Match was yet another cinematic pile of nonsense and nowhere even near the Boneyard Match. No wonder ratings are in the toilet. Edit: just seen a screenshot on twitter. I must have missed it when watching but you can see a fake eyeball through a hand....
  4. Legit just laughed out loud at that!
  5. I actually could have hearing aids as my mid range tones (which most people speak at) is quite a bit under but for some reason my lows and highs are ok, which must be why I can still hear it. I can also just hear those things people put in their garden for cats to scare them off. Such a bizarre sound to try and get used to again. For some reason I feel I can still hear it just now even although the TV has been off for a few hours. What screen size did you get RedRooster? I wish I could have got something bigger but there were none locally and no way people could post them.
  6. So my CRT arrived. Hooked up the PS2 and the picture looks great and it is amazing how responsive it is with no lag. A 14 inch screen is much smaller than I remember from my childhood but that's clearly because we were used to smaller TVs back then. I do have one issue though that I totally forgot about. The high pitched sound that constantly comes off these TVs! I don't know how we put up with it and it is driving me slightly crazy. I would have thought with being older and my hearing being goosed I wouldn't hear it but nope there it is still high pitched, might have to just use this with earphones. Another bonus aspect is DVDs look how they are meant to so putting on some WCW footage from the WWE DVDs looks tremendous. Hogan's god like tan in all its glory.
  7. Over 15,000 cases in a day for Florida (source: BBC News https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-53382540) Yet Disney has reopened and wrestling continues. Absolute madness.
  8. The replay might just be for the UK to fill the time as the US have more and breaks. What was so bad with this episode? I gave up with WWE in the pandemic about two months back (apart from skimming through ppvs) as I found the lack of crowd and their trainee crowd shows unbearable. AEW I've stuck with longer however my interest has also fallen after the Stadium Stampede and I mainly just skip through that now.
  9. It was one from a company called gamersgear. Seemed to have a few good reviews. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/383535116892
  10. Thanks @Merzbow for the input and thanks@scratchdj, I had actually just ordered one from eBay before I saw your message. That was very kind of you to offer. Will see what turns up from my order and how good it is. @BigJag thanks for the recommendation of that website however it appears they are all sold out. One does say that it is in stock, but there are no options when selecting the cable length stopping you proceeding, so I'm guessing that is also actually out of stock. I'm definitely a classic case of binning stuff and regretting it years later. Might just be nostalgia though as the wife was less than impressed when I told her that I'd bought a big bulky old TV haha!
  11. Thanks. It looks like they are not that easy to come by (quite a few on Amazon but reviews confirm they are not RGB scarts despite being advertised as such). Found one website selling them for £25 however.
  12. So having made an impulse purchase of a CRT TV for my ps2, I'm trying to remember what is the best connection method. The red, yellow, white cables or scart - does anybody have any idea? I git rid of my perfectly working CRT and original ps2 years ago and regretted it. Saying that when this one turns up I'll probably regret it when I see how big these things are again.
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