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  1. Yeah I bought a few in a digital sale but it's weird I feel like I'm not really owning something. Plus when they aren't in the sale the prices are crazy compared to physical.
  2. I'm delighted with this. No way I was paying for BT Sport and the fact it is one hour easy to fit in episodes of Raw and Smackdown is ideal. Perfect for getting a wider kids audience involved at a decent time, on one of the main channels on everyone's tv planner so a massive win for them in terms of exposure.
  3. Has anybody here gone all digital with their game purchases? I'm tempted to go all digital but the old school in me is calling me to keep buying discs. Doesn't help the physical cause when websites like Game are so poor and make it hard to just browse through as the filters are pish.
  4. Ah right. Totally exaggerated then as it sounds like they are talking about individual viewers
  5. The article touts reaching 32 million viewers over all platforms. What does that mean/how is that calculated?
  6. 100% this. Unless the industry moves away from pleasing the smarks and replaces today's 'stars' with tall roided up god's who aren't performing acrobatic moves every two seconds, we'll never get anything like it again.
  7. I had no idea about the 3.4 million rating. That's nuts. I don't think we will ever see that again for another company. I don't know why but I love the bit where Flair gets out of the limo.
  8. I work within a financial services company and management roles or above always end up working more hours than contracted as things need done by deadlines and workloads have increased over the years as they cut costs. I doubt this is unique to my company and would require significant change in the industry. I love the idea but would rather even get to a normal working first!
  9. Has anybody been having issues again? I've tried to watch Summerslam 92 the past two nights but have given up as it was regularly buffering. This is both on my LG smart TV and PS4. I'd signed up again hoping the network had improved but looks like I will be binning it again soon at this rate. They must be using some poor technology as every other streaming service I use never had these issues.
  10. My Mrs was preparing soup for one of the courses so she could just reheat tomorrow. When leaving it to cool she has somehow has managed to evaporate all the water. Never laughed so much at a pot of mushed veg.
  11. Not sure but he will probably turn up on AEW Dynamite next week as Soul Train Pippa Shango and attack Cody Rhodes. No backstory or explanation required.
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