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  1. 8 hours ago, Joe Blog said:

    Watching the original TLC match and my wife walks in and watches a bit. 

    "Why don't they just nash up the ladder instead of fucking about with this slow climbing shit." 

    My Dad used to always take the piss out of me for watching when I was younger but would quietly sit down for a bit and watch, especially if there were scantily clad ladies on the screen. I remember that although he never used to see anything in me watching he did consider the suitability of wrestling viewing on his son during the TLC match that happened on Smackdown in 2001 particularly when D'Von fell off the ladder and convulsed on the floor. He mentioned it to a few people following for a week or so. I'm glad I was watching the morning Sky One version as I think the uncut version would have caused a wrestling ban until "JBL is poopy" when I was 22! 

  2. Had Natalie Imbruglia open my primary school's 100th year celebration (which was just a gussied up summer fete). This was in 1995 so she was just that girl of Neighbors then. I remember her flapping about on the field and a couple of teachers flirting with her but that's about it.

    We also had to take part in those sponsored fitness things every year where your class gets sponsored to do x amount of sit ups, push ups and other stuff in a kind of circuit. The first year they had Kriss Akabusi in one of the early rounds of promotional assemblies.

    Finally I vaguely remember during one set of world book day talks we had one year where about 5 or 6 different authors showed up we had Jaqueline Wilson come and do a talk and I remember about 50 girls rushing the "stage" at the end of assembly which was about the most disorder our school ever recorded.

    We seemed to do well with people coming to visit but I think it was probably as there's always been a fantastic pub opposite, strangely these talks/ opening ceremonies etc always happened right before lunch



  3. After seeing mention in another thread of Nakamura Vs Styles at Mania I went to have a look back at what ppvs they had rematches at and found I had no recollection of most of the feuds or ppv matches. Notable ones included Rollins/Ziggler main eventing extremem rules and the first Saudi show having a ladder match. 2018 was a busy time between Mania and Summer slam for me so it's not surprising I didn't pay much attention but I was shocked to realise I had no idea at all.



  4. 22 minutes ago, garynysmon said:

    Especially seeing that they weren’t adverse to booking big stadiums, such as Royal Rumble 97 and that Raw at the Skydome.

    They ran the Georgia Dome in October 1999 and it wasn't like business got any slower. I'm surprised booking or not they.didnt switch things around but then in 2000 wrestlemania felt like just another ppv infarct No Way Out and Backlash felt like bigger deals to me. 

  5. On 1/23/2021 at 6:37 AM, WeeAl said:


    What does look stupid, production wise, is the position of the commentary table. We all know they watch the monitors and not the action. That doesn't make it any less stupid when the commentators are shown facing a ring with nothing happening, while they have their back to the action in the ring behind them. If it must be that way, shoot it in a way that they aren't shown. Big Tone does a good job of addressing the absurdity of it though instead of pretending it isn't happening. 


    I always thought it was odd that the announce desk faced the wrong way but I guess it was there more as a presenting desk and it was better to see the fans behind them. Also I assumed they would all swivel around and dangle their legs off the stage for comfort while they watched the matches. 

  6. Does anyone remember the period where WWE.com was posting indie wrestling and TNA wrestling results? I think the idea was they wanted to bring in all the traffic that was going to the observer and alike to their own website. 

  7. 15 hours ago, tiger_rick said:

    Raiders are now in Vegas in a new stadium. 

    Vegas would be a great shout, that new stadium is looking stunning and I'm sure the glitz and glamour of Vegas would be great around Mania. I think having one in Vegas would be about the only thing that might tip me to go live these days,

    15 hours ago, Jonny Vegas said:

    On the topic of fan attendance I don't generally watch or follow NFL however I caught some of a highlights show this week where they mentioned that all fans im attendance had to take a Covid test at their own expense and confirm a negative test result in order to gain entry.

    Perhaps WWE will have something similar in place in order to accomodate fans with the least possible amount of risk attached.

    My wifes work are giving every staff member two of the 15 minute result tests every week to take home and use at their discretion so I can't imagine they're hugely expensive? 

    I think this has been the case for all AEW fans and I'm guessing NXT as well.

    Going back to the previous talk of one day or two days. If they couldn't have anyone in attendance I would even prefer they did it as a bloody week long event with an hour each night including one match and a bit of extended build...Wrestlemania the miniseries...they could go on and on about it being the most bingeworthy thing on TV but promote that you have to tune in every night showing more buzz words and terms they lack any understanding of!

  8. These days with the network I genuinely don't see the problem with having it over 2 nights so long as they dont become 4-5 hours each. 2.5 -3.5 hours for each night is fine. If someone wants to watch on the same day (and WWE don't spoil the fuck out of it on their own network) they can stick the first part on in the run up to the second. If not for a lot of the world who want to watch it's 2 nights of entertainment in lockdown. 

  9. 2 hours ago, DCW said:

    Aye Austin as a face when he came back mid 2000 was stale as fuck compared to Rock, who had usurped him as top face when he was out for the year. Heel turn was desperately needed to freshen him up a bit.  Austin as a face champ would've been interminable. I'd have kept the heel turn, but fucked off Austin palling around with Vince altogether. Just have him as the paranoid angry bastard he played toward the end of the alliance run from the get go.  Feuds with a face Triple H til Rock gets back, then faces Rock at Summerslam and drops the title to him then or at the September PPV. Triple H can have the dud feud with Booker T and win the big gold that his hero Flair held. We never got a heel Austin vs face Rock feud, which was criminal. Also, no fucking 'What' promos either please.

    No direct feud but there were elements of it at the end of 2001 with Survivor Series coming down to Rock/ Austin plus we did get a singles match with those dynamics at Insurrexion 2001 which I remember being decent. 

  10. I was thinking earlier today how in 2018 or 2019 one part of the quick fix that came with the 24/7 title was Mick Foley dimming the lights and saying how the last hour was going to be Raw "Dark" or something and that anything could happen. Did they ever actually do anything with that after the promo?

    Surely in a few years Raw Underground will be on this list as a mock fight club that did very little to make anyone and never really went anywhere?

    Plenty of TNA ones I'm sure such as the time they said all X Division matches (or at least title matches) have to be three ways or the fact they ran episodes where the main crux was 3 wrestlers chatting to Hogan backstage about who should get the main event title shot...I quite liked that concept actually. 

  11. I always remember a couple with Crash Holly involved in 2000. First at King of the Ring when he runs out and wins the hardcore title during the evening gown match although that might have been due to the fans being so bored it was a pleasant surprise.


    Second was later that year when he won the light heavyweight title on heat from Dean Malenko. I popped for that as a young lad and I remember the audience giving it a good response too.

  12. On 12/31/2020 at 8:46 AM, bbabba said:

    Even if you ignore the fact Ronda's shoulders were clearly up, the ending of the Wrestlemania 35 main event was dire.  Hardly an emphatic way to start the title reign of head badass Becky Lynch.  And even if WWE thought Ronda was coming back (which I assume they didn't), then she still should have tapped clean to the disarm-her in order to really cement Lynch as the man.


    Imagine if a similar finish had been done in the Austin/Michaels Wrestlemania 14 match. The ending to that match (alongside the fact it HAD to be a 3 way) is as bad as they ending of Starrcade 97 in my books.

  13. 9 hours ago, tiger_rick said:

    Is it true that the Kid Rock concert from WrestleMania 25 is still going on?

    Hard to tell, it merged into Flo -Rida and Machine Gun Kelly's concerts and it's hard to tell who is doing what now. 

  14. Watching the Tyson/Jones fight all I could think was how "wrestling" the show was down to the commentary, how I didn't like it for boxing but Snoop would be great as doing color for a wrestling company. Not surprised AEW snapped him up and very glad WWE didn't get him to do it as I'm sure it would be ruined by their micro management 

  15. 14 hours ago, BomberPat said:

    I'd like to know the figures now, for sure - AEW has probably already made more of a dent in people's consciousness than TNA ever did, because they've got a much better marketing function and have picked up genuine mainstream press in a way that TNA have never managed. It used to be said, morbidly, that Vince's worst nightmare would be someone like Kurt Angle dying on TNA's watch and the headlines still reading "WWE Wrestler Dies". I don't think AEW are in that position at all.

    In terms of getting circa 1m viewers; maybe that just accounts for the number of quote-unquote "wrestling fans" that can be generally expected to follow things online and keep up with multiple promotions. But they're still the minority, compared to the number of viewers that watch WWE and nothing else.

    There's obviously an element of us being in the bubble as wrestling fans, but also being a few steps removed by watching from the UK - we're used to RAW being on at ungodly times, and even WWE having been something that we had to go out of our way to follow in any real sense, so our market self-selects for people more likely to be aware of other promotions and a wider wrestling world. I think what goes underappreciated is how many people in the US watch RAW on a Monday night because they've always watched wrestling on Monday nights - it's habit viewing, and they wouldn't go out of their way to find more or to follow it up online any more than your average Eastenders viewer would be on message boards reading behind the scenes gossip.

    The gap has absolutely shrunk over the last decade, but I'd still say that a clear majority of WWE viewers don't watch any other wrestling, and that a large part of that majority are only notionally aware that other wrestling exists, if that. 

    I think a lot of the shrinking audience is partly down to the fact its and aging audience. How many of us now have full time work, partners, families and other commitments that come along over time. When we were younger it was our world. We've hung on to some extent but I'm sure most of us have reduced our viewing greatly over the years. The less interested switched off anytime in the past 10 to 15 years.

    The companies are not attracting newer younger viewers as they need to be and right now if you are trying to attract kids from 8-15 who were born post glory days WWE then in theory it's a more level playing field. If promotions don't work out how to do this successfully then Covid being over won't matter as all the fans will be physically incapable of climbing arena steps due to age anyway making it pointless to use them. 

  16. 14 hours ago, poetofthedeed said:

    I'd have no issue with it being a tap out/knockout title only. Aew are clearly willing to work with other promotions so they won't be shy of bodies to flesh out the division. I want full mma build though, press conference, weigh in, the works.... 

    I'd have it stay exactly how it is honestly. Something that has value to Team Taz as a representation of his trust in them. Maybe it gets put on the line once in a blue moon and someone actually does win it and lost it back but it shouldn't be more than a modern day Million Dollar belt to me. 

  17. I thought the pop was pretty good for the amount of people there to be honest but yes it would have been huge with a full up arena.

    I keep thinking that Tony is so great as he's taken so much time off and fallen back in love with wrestling quite clearly. Perhaps JR would be like that if certain tragic personal events and decades of essentially being bullied and fucked around by a nutcase hadn't happened to him. I don't think he'll ever get his spark back now unless as people have discussed he goes very very part time at the desk. 

    I'm hoping if it is going to be more than a brief one off "look Omegas on Impact" thing that they keep the crossovers to the level of ECW/WWF in 97 with only a few key players coming up to AEW like Gallows/Anderson while Impact can utilise some of AEW's undercard guys and the only real story based plot is around Calli's and Omega with most of the time it only being Calli's mentioning the story on Impact. 

  18. 7 hours ago, chokeout said:

    On a much smaller scale, I used to do this live, in the stadiums for premiership games for Setanta and it will always be the most stressful job I've ever had by a long, long way. It's insane how good a job they did on these.

    They haven't done them for about a decade now I think, the last I remember was WM25 with Touched by Vast as the song although they could have carried on until WM27 but that was it. Always loved them but had a hunch they were ridiculously difficult to put together, nice to get some insight into it though. 

  19. On 7/28/2020 at 5:27 PM, Keith Houchen said:

    Roaring at this! The pettiness is other worldly. 

    Hilarious but I always wonder why the woman hasn't changed her number, recorded a voice message telling people to piss off or puts her phone on silent. The final one I can understand as perhaps she has a sick relative or something but surely you would try to nip it in the bud fairly quickly rather than call a news station. 

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