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  1. People are really losing their mind during this pandamic with Conspiracy Theories right? Saw a video on Youtube with the title claiming Jay-Z and Puff conspired to kill DMX because he refused to sell them his masters... Didn't feel like watching it...
  2. -1- Thats your personal opinion on a character... That would be like me saying I wished they would have kept Jerry (a character I personally hate with a passion) far away from the Tom & Jerry movie! -2- It's not that I dont agree with you, but I just find it strange that people think its okay we can add mass murdering characters to a kids movie, but a problematic cartoon character is a bridge to far...
  3. Yeah sure... Lets see... One is a a gang of violent and vicious rapist... And the other is a love struck cartoon character... I can totally understand why they decided to cut the cartoon character! I also saw Pennywise and the Joker among others... If this movie is aimed at kids, and thats the reason Pepe Le Pew isn't in it because he's considered "trouble" makes you wonder why all these characters, who just happen to be mass murderers are considered okay for this movie...
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