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  1. Some of the bile on social media is unbelievable. They never learn.
  2. No I know that, just really depressing if you take a minute to think about it. The great thing about our society was evident last night, within minutes people were offering rooms and turning up to help any way the could. Life will definitely go on.
  3. It's terrifying how easy it is though. That's what bothered me about the Dybrovka Theatre seige in Moscow and we've seen it here now. Can get anything in and out of higher traffic, high profile targets. They've taken to driving trucks at people. It's horrific. And I think about my daily routine and where I commute to and from etc and think that it could so easily happen. All the security in the world can't stop it from happening. Where does it end?
  4. Saw this unfolding on Twitter and Facebook last night and the death toll and still images SkyNews have shown are truly shocking. I feel sick thinking about it and seeing kids throwing themselves over railings to try and get away in panic. Reuters had American security officials confirm it was a suicide bomber within 30 minutes of it happening and it turns out to be the case. Thoughts are with the families. Truly disgusting that this has happened. Even more disgusting some of the fake news reported in the aftermath. There are some awful humans in this world.
  5. The fact that Wenger can't see or doesn't want to admit he is part of the problem is a shame. But in the boardroom there needs to be something done - if they don't finish in the top 4 again next season what then? How long are the decision makers going to let the drift continue before action is taken? As an outsider looking at it, I get the wariness of change but at the same time if my club went through that I'd be extremely annoyed.
  6. BBC are reporting the offer was made last month and has been rejected. Do you think Usmanov would effect changes necessary to get Arsenal challenging for the title/champions league?
  7. He hasn't joined officially but the commentators the other night remarked that the permanent deal they've agreed will cost them £10 million. I didn't realise they would even consider a permanent deal given 1) promotion wasn't certain and 2) Rhodes has been poor for them. That said 'Boro might keep him for the championship given goals has been their problem this season.
  8. Horrible display of penalties from Wednesday this evening. Wagner has done a tremendous job for Huddersfield although I think Reading may be too strong for them. Carvahal is likely on his way as his contract is up so it's possible he'll be at Hull or Fulham next season. Don't know how Wednesday are situated now re: finances. £10 million being spent on Rhodes seems like a leap when he's done very little since joining.
  9. Probably been mentioned but the phishing scammer getting scammed and the associated pictures/Photoshop efforts were incredible. Revisited it a few weeks ago and still got a laugh out of it. Gold from start to finish.
  10. Yeah that's fair enough.
  11. 4 messages that have been read and ignored should be more than enough. And yes it was mainly having been reading on here for ten years before signing up but it is still disappointing there's not a common courtesy.
  12. Good luck getting that option if you do donate. Mysteriously once I made my donation contact from Moo ceased and nothing changed in terms of the benefits listed on the link.
  13. And not very good. And in his own head has been "making" it since 2007. Even then I wondered if you're that good, why are you in a phone shop.
  14. Surely a keeper (De Gea is away this summer), and a back four are the priorities?
  15. Although in his interview he said he'd "know more come the end of season and knows what he has to work with" I think he's possibly wanting to do a Benitez and rehabilitate with a decent season. Which means money. No way that squad comes up without significant transfers.