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  1. Absolutely love the Grey Lakes FC one - the lower league clubs in the States are absolutely awesome.
  2. He was one of the so called "Heyman guys" wasn't he? They have all, for the most part, been de-pushed or booked like jobbers over the last month or so. I imagine it's just Vince resetting the natural order of things.
  3. The new Brighton home kit is lovely: http://www.footballshirtculture.com/20/21-Kits/brighton-2020-2021-home-kit.html
  4. What's the odds on a ring break post-superplex? I'm getting that kind of vibe...
  5. I can only see a picnic table cloth there I'm afraid. I'm loving the overall move to bespoke, 90s-esque designs from the manufacturers for 20/21. Inter however, have had a jobby with their kits in my opinion.
  6. I shared the above concerns after WM and said in the "I've just watched" thread (I was too embarrassed by the PPV to start a thread) that they've jumped the cinematic shark already with the swamp match. Not only has there been no explanation as to why The Fiend has been absent, there were no rules of engagement, it was very disjointed and advanced neither character. The Firefly Funhouse match made sense in some sort of perverse way and added another dimension to The Fiend. Last night's attempt made no sense. There was no vengeance, no tying up loose ends and backed The Fiend character into a corner. Assuming the rubber match is Braun vs The Fiend, the title will have to change hands to avoid killing the character one and for all. In just over 12 months, the concept has just about been booked into apathy. Other observations: Drew is THE guy. Roman can take his work out selfies and away with them. Drew's physically impressive, a cracking promo considering the Scottish accent and has had a high standard of match since winning the title. He's made some pretty average material work and is the legit badass that Roman should've been when The Shield split up the first time. Sasha Banks is absolute money. Her matches ways deliver (in my opinion) and combined with her social media presence should be THE star in RR's/Becky's absence. I've never been overly fussed with women's wrestling but I could watch Sasha all day long (not in a pervy way thanks) because she's a good promo, great wrestler and the presence is a cut above the rest. Seth vs Rey? It could and should've been great had the ridiculous stipulation not been attached. Seth has won me over again during this run and Rey delivered some decent spots. The absence of fans does not justify the lengths to which they're trying to innovate and stretch our disbelief. MVP in 2020. Lol.
  7. Extreme Rules 2020. I literally have no words. They've jumped the shark with cinematic matches. Unbelievably bad. No clarity. Wins and losses don't matter - not because of 50/50 booking but because they don't have any clarity about who's won. Awful.
  8. Love golf me. Best thing to do - by yourself - is make some swings with your eyes closed and feel how your body moves. That's what you're trying to achieve. If I have a round going to crap (it happens often regardless of ability) I'll do a few practice swings with my eyes shut to regain my composure. Works a treat. Enjoy. And enjoy the pint afterwards when everyone is talking about the one unbelievable shot they hit....and...how unlucky they were 😂
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