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  1. I can only echo what everyone else has said DEF but I'm really sorry to hear about your loss and I hope you and your family are coping at this difficult time. Given the bleakness of the situation and indeed the wider stream of bad news out there in the world your account and the news articles brought a smile to my face. It really is good to be reminded that good people were and are amongst us and we should all aspire to be something like them. I can't speak for anyone else on here but I'm sure if there's a toy drive this year to continue the tradition UKFF would support it some form or another
  2. Really good post that covers just about everything for me - Edge will never be remembered as a tremendous worker or "THE" guy but he was a legitimate Champion and sold a fair bit of merchandise back in the day. His feuds with Cena and Undertaker still stand up to scrutiny today when you watch them back and he carried Smackdown for a couple of years when they were a bit light on the ground in terms of stars. In the two title era, for me he's the number two guy, first one that springs to mind.
  3. It's a strange one to be honest. Given how much autonomy Randy Orton portrays when he's on podcasts or his own Twitter feed, I can't understand why he's going along with The Fiend feud. (Yes, I know it's his job) At some point I'd have thought that someone of his standing would've called time on the Papa Shango black liquid or wrestling a comedy burns victim. Maybe he doesn't give a **** anymore? Anyway, I saw a tweet that summed up how interminable WWE is these days. The Rollins match is SIX years old. Crazy:
  4. "How would you like to BONK Hulk Hogan?"
  5. I know The Fiend was always going to be a time limited character but to go from that actual debut to the comedy burn victim outfit is so laughable and so WWE it's unreal. Thankfully, he must be getting put down at 'Mania because there is no way they can trot the absolute state of him out weekly....surely!? Fair play to Randall for putting up with it this long.
  6. It might even save her in the way that Sasha's heat and forced sitting at home for months did for her character and TV time. She's been absolute gold in ring for months since.
  7. It makes sense but for that reason I think the outcome will be different this time. I can't see them caving a second time and giving Bryan the belt. I really hope I'm wrong though. Edge winning achieves nothing. Reigns retaining makes sense but leaves the gaping whole of "no challengers" unless something drastic happens with young internet sensation Cesaro between now and then.
  8. I thought he was just confirming that he's asked for his release as none of the dirt sheets are running with it yet?
  9. Yeah the World Heavyweight Championships changing hands is what I meant. I know I'm old enough to remember what genuine unpredictability felt like and the edginess that the product had for a brief spell. Instead of the protracted storylines and reactive booking that takes place every year it would give them an out, if they needed it and in my head, generate a bit of interest and buzz again. I know the product is essentially dead, but it's nice to think the good times could come back with one or two changes.
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