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  1. I know I mentioned it in my earlier post but I still can't get over how desperate he is for attention. I'll guarantee that he does a speaking tour end he will just repeat everything he's said here with odd nod end wink to emphasise how tough/good/respected he was. For a two hour podcast he actually says very little. Quick to say how tough he was and how he was a leader, close to Vince but he's equally as quick to distance himself from the difficult questions around steroids, his injuries or Vince himself. Scratch the surface and there's very little there.
  2. That's it ordered! Cheers for the heads up, I'm interested to see what all the fuss is about because from the outside the whole situation looks fascinating.
  3. Thank you very much for the recommendations. There is an awful lot about him that I don't know so that opinion I have of him probably isn't a fair one - it's also not a fair reflection of the individual or his abilities. I'll search for them and that will be my afternoon/early evening viewing sorted. Tyson Fury was someone else I initially held in low regard because of the headlines, notoriety and obscene amounts of money involved but one interview I saw changed it completely. I went and read up on him, watched his interviews and different bits and pieces and he's now one of my favourite
  4. I don't watch enough UFC but I've never really understood the hype around Connor McGregor. There's been a few flash in the pans (in my opinion anyway - McGregor, Rousey, Alves) who have had a media/hype circus around them and just as suddenly they're losing fights and the hype disappears. What would you recommend in terms of reading/watching so I can educate myself on him? Any fights of his that I've seen he's lost so I don't understand how he's made so much money. Any info or nudge in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I listened to the podcast when it aired and I must admit my overall opinion of the Undertaker has changed. Most of the salient points have already been covered (as usual @wandshogun09 has put an excellent post together) but this really was desperate stuff from the Undertaker. I hadn't realised just how much I had overlooked in terms of his short-comings both as a person and wrestler. You never heard from him. Ever. So when he was gone for long periods nobody thought about him and fans were automatically inclined to cheer for and support him. Absence makes the heart grow fonder defi
  6. That's excellent news. I've always felt as THE guy he should have been given new entrance music a long time ago. I think part of the reason he didn't immediately push on and gain the fans' acceptance was the fact nothing about him had changed. As I mentioned earlier, if the wrestlers/powers that be don't put any effort into evolving their characters then the fans won't put effort into backing them. If you think about every iconic main eventer WWE has had over the years they all have one thing in common - brilliant entrance music. It needs to be really strong because it grabs the attentio
  7. I would agree and it'll be interesting to see how Klopp adapts the team because the legs look as if they've gone from them. Instead of one or two marquee signings and relying on the youngsters, I'd like to see him change tack and spend the money on three or four good quality players to help the depth of the squad. For whatever reason the youngsters haven't delivered and outside the first 11 there aren't any game changers. We saw it with Mourinho teams earlier in his career - the players are so well drilled and used more or less continuously so that come year four, they were mentall
  8. Same situation as Dolph Ziggler for me (into his 17th year with WWE) and feeds into what I've been saying recently about storylines and why AEW makes so much sense - Why should we be invested in Cesaro or Ziggler? After 20 years they're not stars so what's their motivation? There's a case for saying it's the booking but it's also the case both are happy to have a job for life so aren't putting anything into it and thus fans aren't investing in them. Jericho has been given some rubbish to work with over the years but more often than not he's put everything into it and ended up getting (it
  9. Smackdown is still the best of WWE TV at the moment but this tweet reminded me (in general) that it's all relative. Never before has an advertisement photo contradicted the world 'stacked' as much as this one. Some of the individual stories over the last few weeks have been excellent but when you look at the upcoming Rumble you realise that on the whole, the talent is wafer thin. There's no one that makes me think "This is going to be must see." It's been talked about a lot (including by me) recently but there are literally zero stars. For all the talent they have under contract it just
  10. One of the local papers is suggesting that Adams Traore's transfer Liverpool is back under consideration. I can't see how it would solve any of their current problems as they badly need a striker. However, if true, at least they've found their new feeder club for a few players yet. Could definitely see Neves in a Liverpool shirt in due course - it looks like Wijnaldum is off, Henderson is waning and Keita and Fabhino aren't looking as reliable or creative as they were last season.
  11. RVD vs Jeff Hardy was particularly good and the Undertaker match I watched was decent too save for some absolute roaster in front of hard cam yelling/cheerleading for RVD constantly...could hear him over the crowd too. Something else I'd forgot - Undertaker has been doing the apron leg drop for 21 years! I thought it only appeared in his offence in the 2010s! Cheers for the recommendations!
  12. Cheers - that's my afternoon viewing sorted once I finish the last bit of Navalny's latest release on the Putin Palace. Will report back!
  13. It's pretty surreal thinking about what's happened in the last four years. I was thinking earlier about how history will view this last period because there's a lot things that the media never really touched on and quite a few potential crimes committed that I doubt we'll see a resolution to in the short term. It has been so refreshing to access social media and not be subjected to the constant dross and controversy stemming from his ridiculous tweets and the bun fight that ensues when both sides respond. Tomorrow in particular I think everyone will be on edge but it's made me wonder if
  14. I feel sorry for Ricochet to be honest. He can definitely "go" and last night's match was further evidence of that fact. I have absolutely no idea why he's continually booked like a numpty. AJ Styles is one of those guys who just makes things work. He's right up there with the very best in my opinion, even going back to his TNA days. If anything happens to Drew then AJ is 100% the man to carry things through 'Mania. The styles clash off the rope spot is a wee bit overrated though...
  15. That's fair enough, he's just one of those that I didn't/don't really "get" to be honest. His entrance music was bad, his ring attire was naff and I can't remember any interesting/decent matches of his.
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