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  1. One of the highlights about the brief arrival of fans was that they at least got into the Emirates to boo them off once.
  2. There could be an element too of the Trump phone call hitting them a bit. I could see some with the viewpoint of "you didn't back our president, we won't back you!" from some circles.
  3. Gutted Maneater is for PS5 only, been looking at that due to the aforementioned Unleashed way back when but not adopting the next generation consoles yet.
  4. Five Nights is a (seemingly) popular series built entirely on jump scares. You're the night watchman at a Chuck E Cheese type of restaurant with ghosty/evil animatronics. Think there's approximately 3627 games in the series now but not really seen what's so addicting about it, not to the extent of buying the same game repeatedly certain;ly.
  5. I can't imagine Zhukov as anything but a no nonsense Northerner anymore after that performance, a great film but Isaacs is a real stand out performer in a whole collection of great ones.
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