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  1. I remember a Shawn Michaels promo where he said "WWF, sorry WWF EEEEEEEEEE" in a snarky way from around the time of the S Club 7 panda wrestling shirts so it may have been a bit up in the air where even they didn't know what direction to go in.
  2. There was that brief spell when they were WWFE but realised pretty soon that was never going to work and catch on.
  3. I'm still anticipating the FA bottling it like they did in League Two where they decided that the optimum point deduction for winding up orders, financial issues and so on is two points just so they wouldn't have to take responsibility for relegating a team.
  4. I thought it was because he and Sanchez wanted out, they lost Sanchez and threw a hefty bribe his way to keep him at the club and try to keep the fans happy. I think every opposition fan was delighted when he signed that deal.
  5. I've been the same in this thread kickstarting things again. In advance of War for Cybertron I've used the free time to catch up on some of the series' I'd missed out on. Currently about half way through season two of Prime and sort of surprised how watchable as a show it is, given it was sort of concurrent in releases to the Bay films I anticipated it being absolutely shit and skipped it. Pretty sure I grabbed Devastation when it was on PS+ but never played it so might give that a go.
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