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    Yeah, if my kids were to become gooners I wouldn't consider them family anymore. Far too soft on your daughter!
  2. Yeah the base concepts are simple, "Do I notice anyone following us?" The DM will ask you to roll on perception, you roll a D20 add your wisdom and possible proficiency bonus and beat the target roll (usually 5/10/15 in most cases decided by the DM) and a lot of starter sets have got premade characters with all that neatly laid out for you to help you get used to following a character sheet. At it's core that's all D&D is. Combat was ran down above and when you get down to it you'll pick it up easy enough. Time as a concept is pretty abstract, you're not going to play out a whole six hour journey in real time, so the DM will decide/roll if anything happens on the walk to the village of Hammerhall and the time has gone. Time in towns is normally handled in a similar way with the 6 second rounds of combat the only absolute. Distance can be either abstract/absolute, my current DM uses a graph whiteboard and sketches out the map with each square representing 5 feet so we can see exactly where everything is. He also has an impressive collection of miniatures so it's about a visual display, he admits that is due to him struggling with descriptions. In the past I have DM'd and been in parties that also use "Theatre of the Mind" where distance is a little more abstract and does require clear descriptions of the area but also gives a little leeway. Most adventures will have maps/descriptions that tell you how big a room is and you can use that as a DM to guide them. It also gives a bit more freedom for players (I feel) and allows for easier "cinematic" moments in the sense that if a player says "I move forward and throw a javelin at the ogre before diving into cover behind some barrels" without square counting and worrying too much about exactly where everyone is. TotM does lose a little bit of the tactical gameplay in my opinion but does give a lot more flexibility and I prefer it as a teaching tool. I can subtly introduce things like attacks of opportunity to a party as well that way. If I say "the lightly armoured goblin recognises the wizard is a threat so runs over to try and stab him, as he does so he runs past the barbarian, Barb take a swing with your warhammer". As long as the DM has a good understanding of the rules D&D can be as simplified or complex as people want it to be, shows like Critical Role (and no game will ever be just like that) openly are fairly loose with some of the rules and the game and experience doesn't really suffer for it. I've tweaked initiative for time and simplicity sake to just take a characters dexterity and bonus to give a "passive" score and run in the same order for combat when teaching kids for example. Find what works for you and your group and you will pick it up soon enough.
  3. Imagine on an important day like today sending out a man to refuse to answer questions and hurl abuse at everyone in the government and general public. It's brilliant car crash television I guess.
  4. I think, If the defender is in front of Kane shepherding the ball out, gets a nudge and goes down 95% of the time it's given as a free kick and nobody questions it, with the fans bemoaning the striker bailing them out. It'd be soft but it's a foul and no arguments. We all know the referees don't apply the same rules for penalties as free kicks but I think if that's 30 yards out, by the touchline and Spurs scored from the free kick nobody is talking about it at all.
  5. Meh, I thought he was bundled over myself, same with the wrestling thing on Dele that was overlooked. Both teams were making stupid mistakes and it should have been the 5-4, 4-4. Neither team come out of that looking particularly good.
  6. Were any of the Fire Emblems regular DS? I've got Awakening and Fates but they're both 3DS releases.
  7. Who due to unusual circumstances and several ignored rules that aren't necessary for them to be followed because of Neville Nevilles boys money.
  8. They've been revelling in it since there's not a lot of sport to talk about today. It's been vile over the last week seeing them seem to enjoy it more. If Bolton are gone that's two founding football league clubs gone in a few months
  9. I hadn't thought of it until this post but it's amazing when you think of long runners and realise how little is memorable in some ways yet the programs stick around. Birds of a Feather is a great example and I never would have thought it had so many episodes despite being aware of it being around for years it just "happened" essentially. I was shocked to discover it actually won a best comedy award in 2016 (TV Choice Awards but still...) yet you'd never see it come up on a "top 50 sitcoms" list or comedy moments clip show. It was just there. This topic inspired me to look into longest running scripted TV shows and I've just realised Two and a Half Men had 262 episodes and all I can really remember of it is the insanity of Charlie Sheen becoming seen more but next to nothing of the actual program. On the Chucklevision scale ITV's Mike and Angelo had 123 episodes almost as many hours as Birds of a Feather and doesn't even have a "to me, to you" cultural impact. A lot of American shows seem to go on forever without making any real impact or impressions over here but with the generally shorter length of our "seasons", the idea that shows can go on for so long and barely exist in the national psyche is surprising.
  10. I can see them picking up a few one on ones with that simple ball that all three teams to play Spurs have had a lot of joy with against the out of position and disorganised defence and don't think that Pepé, Aubameyang and Lacazette can keep missing them. If they score first and Spurs are more out of position there could be a lot of chances and it could be a massacre. Spurs should have a few chances and more openings than against Villa and Newcastle but unless they address that I can see them being picked off a couple more times. It could easily be a 4-4 or something ridiculous. It should be an entertaining game at least.
  11. Is part of the static midfield problem him being out of position to do anything? I think one moment that summed up his performances of late was when he won the ball on the half way line and set Sissoko loose on the wing, then carefully manoeuvred himself to be the overlapping fullback rather than getting into the area for the inevitable cross and leaving Spurs with little option but hope Moura can win the ball in the air alone or work their way back to the half way line. I think Kane only touched the ball twice in the area once was the penalty shout and the other was the miscue near the end. Add in the issues with the full backs and being exposed at the back I think Arsenal could run up 4/5 like City should've done.
  12. Kane needs to play as a striker rather than walking around midfield all game, three games running the full backs have been horribly exposing the defence and when chasing the game it's useful to have attacking outlets when the opposition come forwards on rare occasions. That was hilariously bad and Newcastle found it a lot easier than they could have imagined.
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