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  1. High pressure and difficult choices I agree, but there's no excuse for them showing a man receiving CPR and jolting violently from a defibrilator. Multiple times. No explanation is acceptable for the deliberate choice of showing a man (in all appearances at the time) die on live tv. Thank fuck he seems like he's going to be alright and we can look at it a little kinder with relief but the producers really fucked up on that one and will need a really good explanation to justify what they were showing. I think that the poor bastards actually "commentating" were doing a decent job of holdin
  2. Danish TV had cut away from the game practically before he hit the floor. The world feed is at the hand of the directors at the game which was abysmal but the BBC and other providers had the power to drop the feed if they wanted.
  3. They've used the remote control to deliver the ball and kicking tees there for years during the Six Nations. I was glad to see it getting its run out for the Euros. Easily Italys number one sports superstar.
  4. We have a government who can't even say "racism has no place in our society" or pay lip service to decency. Not only that but they take it further than the knuckle draggers who boo taking a knee. Meanwhile their polling continues to increase... 😐
  5. This would be the most hilariously shit and Spursy move. Better off just offering Kane the player manager role, either Harry or big red machine.
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