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  1. I remembered Lemmings, might have just scraped onto the list if you two had remembered 😢
  2. Depends on the importance of "pivotal" there but Judd Hirsch was the lead in Taxi and the character had gambling problems. Played Goldblums dad in Independence Day.
  3. This topic reminded me to pick it up. I'm not convinced I'll agree with her conclusions based on what I've heard so far but think it'll be an interesting enough read and I'll be going in with an open mind to see how she reached those. There's a bazillion stories and theories out there relating to JTR, the suspects and the victims. Given we live in a world where Alice in Wonderland is supposed to contain a full confession to the killings, even if I don't agree with her I don't think it's going to be the most ridiculous nonsense I've read on the subject.
  4. We're living in a country where their policies have led to the deaths of over 17000 sick people being denied vital support over the last 6 years. If they don't think that's a problem and continue to make it worse it's hard to debate on that matter. There are some places where middle ground and discussion may find some sort of common ground but with things like that as the tip of the iceberg, cunts they are.
  5. I liked 2 and it had one of my favourite mechanics in the way you played the various gangs off against each other. I understand why with the series needing to be more story based games that it had to become that hasn't resurfaced but it actually makes it one of my favourite games and almost made the list! I am fully aware this may be nostalgia based and trying to return to it now may find a very painful realisation.
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