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  1. Had my first dose of AstricaZenica this morning. I had it in one of the most successful temporary facilities in the country and it all went like clockwork. Walked in to avoid the queuing and having to hang around with the proles after. I didn't go to McDonald's because I took a vow sometime ago never to eat another over the whole murdering the planet thing. Sorry lads. I had a bacon baguette from Greggs instead. It was good.

    I feel I am entering the arena of the unwell now though. Just brought the washing in and I was near paralysed by some really intense chills. The heating is on and I've necked a few cocodimal. I'll be fine. The irony is, this is the first time I've felt ill since February 2020, when I'm fairly certain I had the virus. This is the longest I've ever gone without catching something which shows the measures in place seem to have worked for me at least. Roll on September when I'm sharing an air conditioned office again with a bunch of jobsworth cunts who choose to soldier on through these things and infect everyone else, when they really should be on the sofa in their duvet all week playing Fallout 4. 


  2. On 4/30/2021 at 10:57 PM, PowerButchi said:

    At the moment there's nothing to talk about while we've funds were not actually allowed to use them we being a foreign team in the league we have to go through International transfer windows as we're not allowed to use the domestic ones as Wrexham fall under the FAW as opposed to the FA despite playing in the FA pyramid. 


    We've signed a couple of players as "amateurs" as its a loophole and I'll be amazed if they're not getting paid. 


    As regards infrastructure, the FAW have let us have Colliers Park back to train in (its a multi million pound training ground where teams playing Man U from mainland would train). And Wrexham Council and the Welsh assembly have all of a sudden found the money to redevelop our Kop. Funny that. 

    For all that, you cannot beat Maidenhead United though can you, the Home Counties equivalent of Epstein Island.  

  3. What an insane main card. My comments about Usman being boring look totally foolish. What a finish! I would add Stephen Thompson to the list of contenders who might give him some bother but I'd like to see rematches with Colby and Leon Edwards first if he beats Nate. With Khabib, Cejudo and Jon Jones doing fuck all right now he must be the P4P man right now. 

    Good to see Thug Rose end Communism so emphatically. 

    Horrible injury to Chris Weidman but compare the reaction of Uriah Hall to his own reaction to Anderson Silva getting the same injury against him. I see to remember there were celebrations in the octagon with his awful dad. 

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