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More youtube awesomeness.

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Just stumbled across these two videos I made for exiled championship wrestling back in the post-TWCF/pre-UKFF days. Not sure of it's awesomeness but I wanted to post them for posterity. Dream seq

Ah yes, exactly as I remem-  

I've been wanting to get into making video essays for a while, so here's the first one, about Cannon and Ball.  

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Guest TheGoldenGun

yea i admit i found it really funny , but at the same time im really hating the guy filming for not comforting a terrified kid , instead he carrys on filming thinking "oh sweet i can submit this on the internet" what a grade A Cunt.

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what a grade A Cunt.

How dare you. He's quite clearly the man of the century. If he'd put the camera down after scaring the kid shitless we would have missed the funniest moment in the history of everything.Crying.jpgSeriously, I'm still laughing. Cruelty~!
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