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April 1st 2022 - show 2 for CXW. Come on , let’s be AVIN YOU


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Hi Guys . 

show 2 for us at CXW. 
would really love to boost our numbers as I would love to have the best night of our lives. 

beer . Sausage and wrestling. 


Anyone who is a member of this forum can have a general admission for the price of a junior so only £5 ….. what £5 ? Yes £5 .

we got 9 ….. yes 9 matches with an array of talent across lots of gimmick matches .

And yes , I got over excited and wanted a wrestle-mania …. Again .

The wrestlers on show will provide you with top top entertainment with stars like RKJ, just Joe Lando , the UKP , Flatliner, VooDoo, big joe , Damien  and many many many many more …. Oh yes 

Please let me know if you would to take advantage of this deal .

I’ve started door to door around the venue this week and really pleased we have got 22 sales so far this week.

we are at the 150 mark just now with plenty ‘coming’


id love to get to 300 and will continue to work locally to introduce new people into the wrestling scene .  

Let me know on sales@cxwrestling.com 


thanks for reading 



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