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Bellator 272 - Pettis vs. Horiguchi (Dec 4th)

Egg Shen

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The combat sports world is so busy right now that shit just seems to sneak up on you with you noticing, this is one of those cards. This is tonight!

This is a bit of a Bellator hardcore's show. Its a deep one too, some good stuff right down the card.

Pettis/Horiguchi is an awesome main event. A year or so ago i think most would have have Horiguchi has a big favorite but Pettis has been abit of a revelation in Bellator and has stepped his game up to a new level, just a great fight.

The Alpha Ginger on the prelims too, the Bellator debut of Spyke Carlyle.


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Jesus Christ.


Don’t think anyone expected that. Horiguchi was 3-0 up and that happens. Barmy. I’d never really been fully sold on Sergio Pettis. His UFC run wasn’t the best. He did have those wins over Brandon Moreno and Joseph Benavidez and actually left the UFC on a win, but overall he was so inconsistent and always in the shadow of his brother. He’d looked good since leaving the UFC but I thought his run was about to end and he’d get schooled here. And it was definitely going that way. Horiguchi was dominating him. I’m sure @jimufctna24 was watching on with a big grin on his face. Then in the 4th, Pettis just wipes him out. It’s a weird one because, while Pettis absolutely deserves full credit, Horiguchi looked the better fighter for a good 90+% of it. It wasn’t a fluke, the Pettis brothers have always had that x-factor where they throw wacky shit and you can’t switch off for a second. And it was Pettis’ toughness and refusal to go away that kept him in there long enough to pull it off. But as mad as it sounds after seeing Pettis iron him out, if they fought 10 times I wouldn’t give Sergio more than a 1 in 10 chance of scoring that knockout. Reminded me a lot of Anthony Pettis’ knockout against Wonderboy actually. But fair’s fair, this was that one chance and Sergio made the most of it.

Big bro done alright out of it as well.


The Pettis family will be having an extra Merry Christmas.

Didn’t catch the rest in full. Just saw Iittle clips. Heard the Spike Carlyle fight was really good, which is no surprise. He was great to watch in the UFC as well and always made the prelims more worthwhile. I saw pictures of his entrance and a clip of the finish. Apparently it was quite a comeback win for him. Might still have to watch it later. 


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unbelievable finish! Pettis was getting schooled up until that 4th round, it was a very one sided fight and Pettis didnt seem to have anything for Horiguchi, then he pulls out some vintage Pettis-shit. Unreal.

You gotta know Pettis wont want to run into Horiguchi in that Bantmamweight Grand Prix next year.

I skimmed the rest as well, but as you said @wandshogun09the Spike Carlyle might go down as one of my favorite fights of the year. It wasnt a technical masterpiece by any means, just a barmy, brawl with an amazing comeback.


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