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Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere…

He had to have an arm amputated earlier in the year and has recently shared the awful news that he had to have both of his legs amputated. 

The poor lad has had a truly awful year and has posted a recent medical bill on Twitter, which (thankfully) a lot of the wrestling community have shared on social media to spread awareness so hopefully he can get as much financial, physical, mental help that he needs. 

Having watched him in 2000s ROH the biggest compliment I can pay him is to say that I really fucking hated him, which was exactly what he wanted. He was a proper heel and some of the heat he got at some shows was unreal.

Enjoyed his post Embassy work too, especially with McGuinness.



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It looks pretty rough for him. He contracted MRSA in his legs when he went in to have his arm amputated, which happened from an infection he got taking drugs? 

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Just been reading his tweets on the subject and the guy can just not catch a break.

Jericho doing his usual, I know he's got sketchy views on politics and is a huge mark for himself, but I don't think he ever fails to contribute to these things. Top guy, most would just share the link to the Go Fund Me. Russo is also auctioning some stuff off to raise funds.

Screenshot_20211028-151248_Samsung Internet.jpg

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