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Who should've won it?


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3 minutes ago, westlondonmist said:

With the 88 and 89 Rumble Winners (Duggan and Studd) were either of them used in house show feuds at the time? More curious than anything as it sounds like it would make a lot of sense even if was to provide a strong headliner for their cat B shows. Although I don't remember Studd ever being at Mania V but those 14 match cards could lose you with some pointless crap. 

They were setting Studd up to feud with Andre again after Mania. there was some stuff on TV but not much and very few TV matches so it appeared quite an isolated decision. Studd was done by June.

Duggan also worked Andre in 1988 after Mania. When they were running three house show crews, Duggan was often a headliner on the third crew so they tended to always keep him strong regardless. Dibiase pinning him in that Mania 4 tournament was a real rarity for a top babyface back then. Hogan, Savage, Duggan, Jake, Boss Man, etc hardly ever lost.

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