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I'm terrified of AI...

John Matrix

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Here's a short article about the audio replication technology that's about. Scary to think this is where it's heading. https://futurism.com/this-new-tech-can-copy-anyones-voice-using-just-a-minute-of-audio/ @BomberPat

I watched a documentary a while ago showing how CCTV in China(?) is used with face recognition and AI to monitor suspicious behavior (terrorism, bank robberies about to happen etc). The technology behind it is astounding.

You hear people saying there hasn't been any major leap forward in technology for a while, but it's the small advances we don't hear about that are making the most progress. To think smartphones only really became a thing ten or so years ago to now being at a point where any individual can be digitally tracked, analysed and pretty much recreated is mind blowing. 

Elon Musk was on a podcast with Joe Rogan a while ago and he covered some fascinating points regarding the future of human and AI interaction. Well worth listening to. 


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