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Underrated Runs (Pre 2000)

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19 minutes ago, Snugglecakes said:

Booker T in 1998 had a pretty cool run centred around the TV title. Good bouts with pretty much everyone on the roster, then he got injured.


Not really underrated though is it? The best of 7 with Benoit is almost universally lauded as fantastic.

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7 hours ago, air_raid said:

Shawn vs Hakushi is a match than really should have happened on Superstars in 95 but so sadly didn't.

Yeah, closest we got was that Bret/Shawn vs Lawler/Hakushi tag that was on one of those DVDs and sadly Shawn and Hakushi didn’t even interact that much in that one either. 

Did Hakushi ever face Owen Hart in a singles when he turned babyface? 

And I don’t know how underrated it’d be considered on here but I really enjoyed Fit Finlay’s comeback in 2006. Probably wore out its welcome a tad by 2008 or so but in 2006 and 2007 he was a real highlight of the roster for me. Different in-ring style and look to pretty much everyone else and had some really good matches with Regal, Benoit, Rey, Matt Hardy and a fun TV match with Flair in there somewhere. 

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