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2018 Wrestling Nominations: Negative

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4 hours ago, Supremo said:


BROCK LESNAR VS. ROMAN REIGNS AT SUMMERSLAM was a real black eye. You've done such a bad job of setting the match up, completely fucking up both Roman and Brock's characters to force through your terrible vision, that you have to essentially con everyone watching in order to just get through the match. Using Strowman's cash-in as a bait and switch to keep the fans in their seats, then cutting the feed the moment you've got the result you want. That was a really shitty, scummy thing to do. It felt the Montreal screwjob all over again, only instead of fucking over a wrestler they actually fucked over their own paying audience. And let's never forget they chose to do this rather than having Roman turn heel and join forces with Heyman, which they teased on television but then decided they knew better. Unbelievable.


Another great shout. That's my third pick.

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