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UFC 231: Holloway vs Ortega

Who wins and how?   

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10 minutes ago, David said:

Not wanting to piss on anyone's chips here



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13 hours ago, wandshogun09 said:

Jedrzejczyk beat Tecia Torres after the two losses to Rose.

Fair cop. Genuinely have no memory of that fight and I did watch the Alvarez v Poirier card. Dana said post-fight that he wants Joanna to take a chunk of time off from the sport, which I think is maybe for the best. I mean, I guess financially she'd be after a fight, but she's probably a while away from the title, if Rose keeps hold of it.

Yes, it's Dana and that, but he was also fairly clear he wants Holloway at Lightweight ASAP. I'm sure Holloway wants a couple more fights to cement his Featherweight greatness - Holloway may be the most talented fighter in the divisions history, but he's only been the proper champion for 3 fights, not 10 years.

David has a valid point about what the weight difference may mean for Holloway, against the best in the division, but the big fights (and big money, should he get a belt) are all at LW.

If Holloway joins it, could the 2019 LW top 10 be the best ever? You've got Khabib, Ferguson, McGregor, Holloway, Barboza, Poirier, Pettis, Iaquinta, Diaz etc. That's a Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain level wank list.

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Yeah, the big fights are at lightweight, but I just don't see his style being as effective against bigger guys with more explosive wrestling and bigger power. Ortega caught Holloway a few times, and he's not immune to getting cracked. If it's someone bigger it could be more of an issue.

But yeah, it's where he needs to go for the exciting fights.

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