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The Staircase - Michael Peterson

Steve Justice

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I've watched a few of these murder/mystery docu-series recently, and none have me more torn than 'The Staircase' and the death of Kathleen Peterson. 

If you haven't watched it, it's on Netflix. 


I really can't decide if it was an accident or murder. The amount of blood at the scene, the cuts, the severe damage to her head and the blood spatter doesn't look like it could be caused from falling backwards from a couple of steps up. 

If it was murder, I'm having difficulty believing Michael Peterson did it despite there being no evidence that anyone else was in the house. His story never wavered, his grief looked genuine, his kids stand firmly behind him, no murder weapon and his 911 call also sounded genuine. 

The one thing that is for certain, just like 'Making a Murderer', the authorities will do anything to get the conviction they want. The whole thing with the blow pipe, their blood spatter "expert" and even bringing in Michael's sexuality were all quite desperate and a little disgusting. 

Your thoughts? 

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