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LOD / Road Warriors book query


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Hi all,


Just wanted to say that I really love this forum. I have a random query - when I first got into wrestling as a kid (during the post-Summerslam 92 boom in the UK), I used to look for WWE books in the shops, apart from the annuals which weren't much kop I don't remember seeing much at that time apart from:


One book that had a pic of LOD/Road Warrior Animal in his civvies sitting on a motorcycle (looked like it was snapped outside his home). Was this a WCW/NWA book? Does anyone know what book this may be from? In hindsight, could be an Apter mag pic.


I remember another that had a list of previous Wrestlemania results (I remember reading them trying to picture what One Man Gang and Ricky Steamboat looked like before I saw them. Unfortunately, I pictured Steamboat along the lines of Tugboat and was amazed to think he'd be able to beat Mach at WM3!).


Would really appreciate any suggestions, or any suggestions on good books to read on the 89-93 era in WWE and WCW (currently only have Bret Hart's autobiog lined-up to read). Cheers!


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Excuse the terrible quality, but this is the closest I could find, in This Is Wrestling by George Napolitano. Nothing closer in Championship Wrestling.




Inspired by this, @dopper6 is tweeting (much better) pics from the books.


As for other books for the era, nothing from wrestlers really springs to mind other than Bret's. However, for backstage stuff I'd recommend the ones by Gary Michael Capetta and JJ Dillon.

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There are numerous books out their by wrestlers that cover the period your asking about and I'm sure have an interest in.


Ric Flair-To Be The Man is one of those, when Ric jumped to WWE in 91 is one of the more interesting parts of the book as it allows you to understand what the backstage politics was like during that period for one of the top guys in wrestling at that time, aside from that period it's a damn good in-sight to the territory days as well.


Shawn Michaels book is also a decent read and covers his story in that period whilst he was transitioning from a tag-team wrestler to a singles wrestler and his rise to superstardom.


I'm glad that you have Bret Harts book to read as it's arguably one of the best books by a wrestler out there and he tells an incredible story that doesn't pull punches and by Brets standards feels very honest and is very detailed about key moments in his career at that time but also his personal life. Sadly there are books out their by wrestlers, managers etc that tend to gloss over a lot of their career but I can assure you that Brets book isn't one of them and is just a fantastic read overall. If your not a fan of the territory/early 80s/Japanese days then you may find it a hard slog to get through the chapters leading up to the period your interested in as Bret talks at length about his days starting out in Stampede and Japan but if your wanting to learn and gain an understanding of the life of a wrestler who has seen and done it all over many decades in many promotions then this is the book for you.


On a side subject I'd love for Ricky Steamboat to release a book but alas nothing seems to be happening but I'm very much looking forward to Pat Patterson book release.

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Wow, thanks everyone for the fast responses! :) That is absolutely spot on JNLister, thanks so much. I'd misremembered the Corvette as a bike but it had stuck in the memory for being first pic I saw where they weren't in their ring attire. I'm now following @dopper6 on Twitter :) Thank you for the recommendations on the Dillon and Capetta, I'll check them out.


C-Rock, completely agree that a Steamboat book would be interesting as you'd have his in-ring career, moving through different companies and right up to working as an agent. Certainly can't imagine the Pat Patterson book being dull, plenty of stuff there! Regarding the Bret book, great to your recommendation, that's what made me go for that one first over Flair and Shawn's books (but will check them out down the line) it sounded like he was going to tell it more like it actually happened.


Appreciate the recommendations, the Federation Years are my all-time favourite era (but a fan of all) so was just looking for stuff to read to follow up on the Stone Cold and JR podcasts :)


Cheers again everyone!

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