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Money in the Bank 2015 *SPOILERS*


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Everyone worked hard, but there were a lot of unsatisfactory booking decisions. And then I watched Game of Thrones. Jesus Christ.


Certainly didn't see Sheamus winning, yes he looks hard with his beard braids but who cares?


Paige and Nikki worked pretty hard. Decent match with a predictably nank finish.


Ryback-Big Show was the bacon and egg sandwich break.


Cena-Owens was pretty great, ain't nobody gettin' over with this even-steven bullshit though. Owens was already a star, he could have been a superstar after tonight. No room for those in the WWE midcard, though. As you were, lad.


PTP had to win to maintain any sembalnce of face-heel victories not getting out of proportion, delighted for Titus to finally get some gold, even if he is somewhat (completely) clumsy.


Seth and Dean really gave it everything, Not sure about that finish though.


Overall 7 on 10, next time try using a sausage as a breakwater to separate your eggs from your beans.


EDIT: Linus beat me to it, sorry.



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Cena was always winning last night, he'll win the next 3 rematches aswell.


Wyatt will keep Reigns busy for a few months I guess, completely pointless though like all of his fueds.


Not sure where Ambrose goes from here, back to trading wins with the likes of Sheamus/Kingston etc I suppose, and I guess we'll get Lesnar back now to chase Rollins until Summerslam.

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If Ambrose goes back trading matches after that performance it's a fucking travesty. Legit one of the best ladder matches I've seen. Use the ladder as a weapon, use it sparingly. No daft ladder spots. Good lads.


The MITB match was woeful. Everyone worked hard, but the match is tired for me. Best parts were the bits where they had extended spots fighting at the top, which Zigglypuff ruined by thinking a Zigzag off a ladder was a logical idea.

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