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How to get more "attitude" into WWE?


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Yeah, definitely. The example I used, before she was brought up, was Emma. People will say she was saddled with Santino and should have been left to her own accord, but she was probably more likely to succeed being partnered with an established comedy act than doing her thing by herself. Yet the NXT crowd loved her.


The difference being that the NXT crowd had gotten to see Emma's character develop and grown to like her, whereas on Raw she was just sent out and they expected everyone to "get" and like her character immediately. It doesn't work, unless you make the foolish assumption that everyone that attends a Raw also watches NXT. While NXT works for honing the wrestlers in-ring work and character until they know who they are and what they're doing, you are still effectively starting again when they get called up to the main roster for getting the fans into them because a good portion of Raw viewers won't know anyone from NXT. Hell, plenty of them don't even bother with SmackDown, let alone the developmental.

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