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UKFF Music Swap 2014


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We did this last year and I want some new music to listen to so thought I'd see if anyone else was interested. 

UKFF Music Swap!


Rather than it being a CD Swap it's just going to be a music swap.

How do I take part?

Send me an email at ukffmusicswap@hotmail.co.uk before Midnight on the 26th October 2014.

Please include your forum name.

That sounds simple. There must be more to it than that?

Well, I would also like you to tell me how you would prefer to receive your playlists and how you would prefer to make them. The choices are thus:

Youtube playlist
Spotify playlist
MP3 files

Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Personally I would choose the latter two, but whatever. I will match you up depending upon what your preferences are, because if you can't access Youtube or whatever there's no point in someone sending you an amazing Youtube playlist.

*Note: neither I, The UKFF, its moderators or any other related 3rd parties condone or endorse any passing of illegal material of any kind through this exchange, any abuse of details provided by participants or any unsavoury behaviour of any kind.
By passing on your details you acknowledge full acceptance of the potential risk of possibly passing your name and email on to some one on a forum,on to some one on a forum, and this forum at that, and accept any risks. In doing so you acknowledge I, the UKFF, its Moderators or any other related 3rd party are in no way liable for your details or any repercussion from taking part.
By taking part you do so at your own risk*

What's going to happen after the 26th October?

I will send you an email, and their preference. You will then send that person a playlist of upto 15 songs. No more because of the file sizes.

When you've listened to it, come here, give your opinion, then email me and I'll tell you someone else to pass it on to!

Sounds good!

Damn right. Inflict your musical taste on others.

Any questions? Anything new to suggest? 

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