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Selling the ENTIRE Wrestling Collection

Marc Hewitt

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I am selling a 4TB external HDD all with the below files, all DVD quality from 1984-2003, all HD quality from 2004-2013/2014

The entire collection of WWE

Every episode of Monday Night Raw - 1993-2014 
Every episode of Smackdown - 1999-2014 
Every monthly PPV 1984-2014 
Every episode of NXT 
Every episode of Total Divas 
Every episode Tough Enough 
Every episode Lance Storm World Of Hurt 
Every episode Saturday Night's Main Event 
All WWF/WWE DVD releases (all individual wrestlers/collections/TLC/Hardcore DVDs) 
Entire feud matches between Chris Jericho VS Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrerro/Lance Storm ECW/WCW matches/William Regal matches (every single one) 
All matches from the feuds also include from every other promotion like japan/ecw/wcw/blackpool

The entire collection of WCW

Every episode of Monday Nitro
Every monthly PPV - 1991-2001
All WCW DVD releases

The Entire collection of ECW

Every weekly TV episode of ECW
Every monthly PPV - 1993-2000
Every DVD Release

The entire collection of ROH

Every weekly TV episode from 2004-2014
Every monthly PPV from 2002-2014
Every DVD release
Every individual wrestlers DVD including things like The History of the Pure Title

The entire collection of TNA

Every weekly episode of TNA Impact - 2005-2014 Every monthly PPV from 2004-2014 Every DVD release

Most of New Japan Pro Wrestling

Most content that I can get from 2008-2014 Mostly including individual matches of the likes of Prince Devitt/Ibushi etc

ALL The above for £250

Always happy to help fellow wrestling fans.

Email me at marc.chamberlain@icloud.com for details

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Aside from being highly improbable per se; 80s, 90's & early 00's would have be recorded to VHS, which renders the term 'DVD quality' largely redundant & the mathematics of this is highly questionable. It should equate to around 1000 standard DVDs. RAW alone would probably account for most of that.


"Most content that I can get from 2008-2014 Mostly including individual matches of the likes of Prince Devitt/Ibushi etc" ...whatever that's supposed to mean.

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