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UKFF Rap Battle 2013 Voting - Lefty Vs King Coconut

John Matrix

Who's tha baddest MC on the UKFF?  

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Congratulations to Lefty and King Coconut who've made it through to the final of the 2013 Rap Battle.


Lefty scored a first round victory, and a month long suspension for handspants before romping to victory over Shane O'Mac Version 2 in the semi finals.


King Coconut, the tournament's most begruding entrant has been untouchable so far dominating both of his heats to date, seeing off Toilet Rapper and Slick Dick Nick in impressive fashion.


Thus far, entrants have submitted one blind entry, and had the duration of the voting period to respond to one another.


In a change fitting of the tournament final, contestants will have the next 48 hours to tear each other to pieces as often as they like, after which point voting will open for the rest of the week with votes based on the total output.


Rapping is unlimted, but must consist of the same 16 line format as all previous rounds. You can respond, or just plain flat out flame as often or as little as you choose, and there's no need to send me your raps up front.


Contenders, GET RAPPING....

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Its final time Coco, so you better bring your A game

Coz I'll beat you so bad, you'll leave, and I want the blame

Its no coincidence Shane O' Mac ain't been seen since our battle

Coz I'm herding up the dolts in this place for slaughter, like cattle


I'm gonna win this contest at a leisurely pace

And when it's over I'll bust a nut in your face

So get prepared for beat down that's about to come

Coz this cold blooded thrashing ain't gonna be fun


My lyrics can be lethal, like a bullet to the brain

You spit rhymes like a retard, and they're totally inane

Your semi final with Loco was joke, you don't belong in the final

If this were the Commodores, lets get it straight, I'd be Lionel


So there you have it for my opening round

A couple of stiff jabs landed, nothing quite sound

But make no mistake Coco, I'm setting you up for a big finish

Coz I'll only get stronger, as your skills diminish

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Sorry guys, got called in to work Tuesday night and haven't been able to get round to getting this completed. My sincerest apologies. Any chance we could extend this till Monday morning?

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Lick Coco's nuts? Get some fresh material

You already dropped that line when Nicko spat in your cereal

Your a one trick pony, with your constant references to noncery

I think it's about time we took this gelding on a trip to the glue factory


Every fucking rap has something to do with child molestation

Wanting to fuck teenage twat or watch down syndromes bukkake my face in

The truth is this Coco, you ain't disguising your true feelings

This forum is long suspect of your dodgy dealings


You've got Jimmy Savile as your avatar and a Rolf Harris sig

Truth is, you do like children, you hermaphrodite pig

And fuck me, did you drag that Lionel Richie shit out long enough?

You could see that joke was dead, if you weren't face deep in mongaloid muff


So I'm finished with this shit, and done with this creep

He just doesn't have the skill set to hurt me deep

But I've dished out some home truths for you young lad

Coz I'm the Godfather of soul, I'm James Brown, I'm Super Bad

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Polls are now open.



I liked Lefty's work when he finally got around to doing it, but Coco's got some good gimmicks going on. The acrostic and the extended Lionel Richie tribute pip this for me.



Also Coco never broke character during the battle. Apologising for being late? Bollocks to that.

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