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The Cum Doctor

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Fight Club df. Project Ego


Mark Coffey df. El Ligero


James Scott df. Jimmy Havoc


The Bucky Boys df. STI to win the tag titles in a ladder match


Wolfgang and Grado df. Christopher and Jamie Feerick


Noam Dar df. Mikey Whiplash


Red Lightning df. Jack Jester to retain the ICW title.


STI split up. Renfrew and BT Gunn did a bunch of stuff that went nowhere. Whiplash tried to cash in and #SaveProWrestling stopped it. Think I covered everything.

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Cracking show. I tried to steal Benny's 'Noam-Noam Dar chant but apparently crowd preferred to chant gay-off .


You also misse McKai and Sweeney where McKai threatened to sodomize everybody in Sweeney's family.


Fixed that for you. ;) Did them a bit of a disservice not mentioning that. Sweeney singing was terrific as well.


Loads of cracking moments. Missed the final angle and I'm gutted that I did because it sounds like it was incredible. BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew's opening of the show got the crowd going big time. The ladder match had some mental moments. One of the best Grado experiences yet. The double teabagging. Billy Kirkwood's opening spiel was a bit special too.


Loved it as usual.

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