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Wrestle Midlands: Ignition (16/2 TONIGHT)

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Just got a text from the gf saying she thinks she has this day off and since this is the closest show I think I'll be getting out of work asap and we'll make the trip from Manchester for this. Get my first look at Saul Adams, Shanna & Alpha Female live and always good matches when Zack and The Blondes are involved.

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Posting this on my phone so prepare for crappy punctuation.


Red dragon beat zack Gibson

the bouncer beat t bone and dean McManus

Alpha fenale beat shanna

Jonathan greesham beat Chris Brookes in a nice technical match the crowd unfortunatly was dead for as it was an all star type crowd and there wasn't a lot of playing to the kids involved.

British born steel and lee hunter beat the Blackpool blondes

Some tall guy trying to look menacing but actually looking constipated beat liam berry or perrin (couldnt hear properly) in a squash match.

Saul Adams beat Keith myatt in a nodq match.


It was a decent enough show, first 2 matches were a little shakey but zack and t-bone did what they could with what I'm assuming were relatively inexperienced wrestlers.


one final note incase he reads it. Thanks to the twat sat in front of me who decided to keep putting his hands on his head and stretching his arms out all night. Was awesome watching your arm while everyone else watched the wrestling.

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Thank you for everyone been apart of last nights show here a quick run down of results:


Attendence: 172


Red Dragon dft Zack Gibson


The Bouncer dft T-Bone & Dean McManus


Jonathan Gresham dft Chris Brookes


The Alpha Female dft Shanna


Jim Hunter & BBS dft The Blackpool Blonds


Slade Mercer w/Violet Vendetta dft Liam Perrin


Saul Adams dft Keith Myatt w/Teh Boss



Here is the highlight video of last Saturday's show hope you guys enjoy.



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