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The 2012 UKFF UK50 - STAGE TWO

Big Benny HG

Who deserves the final 10 places in the UK50?  

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A big thank you to all of those who took part in STAGE ONE of this year's version of the project. To summarise, so far UKFF members have been nominating British wrestlers they feel are deserving of some place in the 50 itself. During the nominations process, exactly 150 different wrestlers were nominated at least once. 56 of them just received that single nomination, while the top nomination-earners were in the 30s.


As a result of the nominations submitted, 40 wrestlers received sufficient to earn themselves a direct spot somewhere in the 2012 UKFF UK50. They are (alphabetical order):


Andy Wild


BT Gunn




CJ Banks




Dave Mastiff


Dave Rayne


Dean Allmark


El Ligero


Jack Gallagher


Jack Jester


James Mason


James Scott


Joey Hayes


Johnny Moss


Joseph Conners


Kid Fite


Kris Travis


Lion Kid




Mad Man Manson


Mark Haskins


Martin Kirby


Marty Scurll


Max Angelus


Mikey Whiplash


MK McKinnan


Nathan Cruz


Noam Dar


Paul Malen


Rampage Brown


Robbie X


Rockstar Spud


Sam Bailey






Trent Seven




Zack 'Diamond' Gibson


Zack Sabre Jr




This will mark first ever UKFF UK50 appearances for Dave Rayne, Jack Jester, MK McKinnan, Rampage Brown and Trent Seven, as well as UK50 returns for Lion Kid and Wolfgang.


It also means that Mohmed Ameen (50), Eddie Ryan (49), Colossus (44), Valkabious (38), Terry Frazier (36), Owen Phoenix (33), Greg Burridge (28), The Saint (25), Sha Samuels (24) and RJ Singh (22) have all definitely lost their UKFF UK50 place this year.


12 additional wrestlers received a tied number of nominations for the final 10 places. As such, two of them have to be eliminated. We do this by way of:






The final 10 places will be decided by way of the poll attached to this thread. As polls on the forum are limited to 10 choices per question, the 12 wrestlers up for consideration have been split across 2 polls. This 'grouping' won't make an impact on the outcome, though, since this year I've have set Stage Two up to allow you to submit a vote for as many of the 12 wrestlers as you like (though there's no point voting for them all...obviously...). Simply mark the names you feel are most deserving of one of the final 10 spaces and submit your votes.


The criteria you are voting on remains the same as in Stage One:


Upon what criteria are the rankings based?

All the way through the process, nominations and votes should be made based on British wrestlers' in-ring performances you have seen on shows that took place between 1 July 2011 and 30 June 2012. The key points around which the rankings, nominations and votes are based include:

- whose in-ring performances are the most gripping, convincing and enthralling?

- who is consistently involved in great matches?

- who is able to tell the best "story" through their performance?

- whose performance is able to capture the crowd's interest and make them emotionally invested in the match?

- who actually makes pro wrestling enjoyable to watch with their performances?


I will close the polls at 23:59 on Friday 27 July 2012, at which point the 2 wrestlers with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated and the final 50 shall be known.


The 12 wrestlers up for consideration are:


Behnam Ali

4FW junior heavyweight star who portrays an Iranian heel character. Made his UKFF UK50 debut last year at #39


JD Knight

Impressive, muscular and imposing-looking headline heavyweight for Swindon's 4FW. Placed 31st last year in his 2nd UKFF UK50 appearance.


Jim Hunter

Half of the Hunter Brothers tag team, which has rose to prominence in the last 12 months in Fight Club:Pro and other Midlands promotions. Never featured in the 50 before.


Joel Redman

Now in WWE developmental after finishing up in the UK in April. Has featured for IPW:UK, Premier Promotions, 4FW and his Devon-based DWA. Has made the list the last 4 years, placing as high as 12th last year.


Jonny Storm

Long-time regular of British rings has appeared in all 7 previous UKFF UK50s and was runner up in 2005. Has slid down the rankings in recent years, but still appears all over the country.


Josh Bodom

Impressive newcomer from the Stockport-based Future Shock Wrestling, who has also appeared for Infinite Promotions. Would be making his UKFF UK50 debut.


Lee Hunter

Brother of Jim above. Midlands tag specialist, bidding for first ever UKFF UK50 finish.


Liam Thomson

Top Scottish star who made the UKFF UK50 in the previous 4 years, ending up 32nd in 2011. Appears for PBW, BCW, ICW and others north of the border and featured for PCW in England.


Mark Andrews

Made his UKFF UK50 debut last year at #26. Has appeared across the Midlands for ATTACK! Wrestling, AWW, EVW, CSF and AMP, but has also toured Scotland, Italy and Poland.


Pete Dunne

Midlands youngster, who has featured as part of the Dunne Brothers tag team with sibling Damian, but is becoming known as a singles star in ATTACK!, AWW, LDN and others. Toured Poland with Mark Andrews.


Red Lightning

Didn't make the 50 last year, but had featured 4 times previously. Has worked for ICW, PBW and more in his native Scotland.


Wild Boar

Made first ever UKFF UK50 appearance in 2011 at #30. Had a run in Premier Promotions on the south coast, and continues to feature across the Midlands.


So, away you go. As always, feel free to debate, discuss or promote your favourites and your reasons in this thread if you wish. You could even include links to matches etc to back up your thoughts.



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So many talented guys dropping out this year, crazyness. I voted for JD Knight and Pete Dunne on this, I've seen them the most over the 12 month time period, and they're both really good. They were also both on my initial list of 15. Joel Redman is awesome too, I'm surprised at him not automatically being in the 50, although I suppose he's not been on the scene for the last couple of months.

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I sympathise with The Dart here. I couldn't really vote for anyone in the first selection with any real thought behind it, so just went with Joel Redman because I've seen him before and liked him.


I went with Red Lightning for the second part, as he has been ridiculously enjoyable in the last 12 months. Whether it be as the mouthpiece of The Gold Label or just an unlikeable gimp anywhere else, he plays the role superbly.

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No Nathan Cruz this year either or have i totally missed his name when reading the list?

Oops, Copy & Paste error from me there, since I was sure Nathan Cruz definitely did make it through. I've re-counted all nominations just to be absolutely sure, but Cruz was the only one missing. I've updated the first post above. As such, it's 12 people fighting it out for the final 10 spots.


You have to vote for at least one from each of the two groups......what if I don't want to vote for anyone in the second group!? I just have to I suppose?

Good point from Dartman, since I wasn't aware the multiple-option polls required you to select at least one choice. I've added an extra "no-one from this group" option to each poll.


Remember, the choice is there for you to vote for as many or as little of the 12 short-listed wrestlers you like.


Maybe a tough ask but any chance of a list of the names of the wrestlers who missed out?

Was going to post this later, but those just missing out for consideration in Stage Two were Dirk Feelgood, Danny Hope, RJ Singh, The Saint, Owen Phoenix, Jimmy Havoc and Joe Coffey.


Just for your own interest, I'll be popping back over the week with some of the supporting comments which accompanied UKFFers' nominations for the 12 short-listed Stage Two wrestlers and maybe a picture or two.

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Like Dart said, there are a fair few surprising eliminations already. If I could vote my own personal choice of 50 guys like Eddie Ryan, Terry Frazier, Owen Phoenix, Greg Burridge, The Saint and Sha Samuels should have all got potential places. Owen Phoenix especially. I can only imagine it's a case of where they work in the country and how often they work. They're all southerners and only really work in 4FW, IPW:UK and Lucha Britannia with the odd appearences here and there.


Looking at the 40 names who have already qualified, only six of them live south of the Watford Gap. And out of the 12 to vote for in Stage Two, only 4 are south of the Watford Gap.


Has there been a bit of a north and south divide this year? 7 of the 40 are Scottish and wrestle primarily in Scotland with a few English appearences, most notably PCW. It would be interesting to note to see what guys work which promotions to see where a majority of the votes have come from...... Bear with me on that.



Just a quick knock up seen as I'm only on break right now, I've tried to use primarily the promotions they can be classified as regulars or more than special guests at:


Andy Wild - PBW, ICW, PWE, PCW




Bubblegum - GPW, PCW, SWE, XWA


CJ Banks - FSW, PBW, PCW


Cyanide - GPW, FSW


Dave Mastiff - IPW, FCP, SWE, ASW, PCW


Dave Rayne - FSW, PCW, GPW


Dean Allmark - ASW, IPW, PCW




Jack Gallagher - GPW, FSW, NGW


Jack Jester - PBW, ICW


James Mason - Sorry but I haven't seen James at all these past 12 months!


James Scott - PBW, ICW, 3CW


Joey Hayes - GPW, FSW, PWE, PBW, PCW


Johnny Moss - PCW, PWE, PBW


Joseph Conners - SWE


Kid Fite - PWE, ICW, PCW, PPW


Kris Travis - PCW, SWE, IPW, PBW, PWE, 3CW


Lion Kid - IPW


Lionheart - PBW, ICW, PCW, PWE


Mad Man Manson - PCW, SWE


Mark Haskins - IPW, SWE, ASW, NGW


Martin Kirby - SWE, IPW, PCW, NGW, GPW, 3CW, PBW, PWE


Marty Scurll - IPW, SWE, PCW


Max Angelus - SWE, IPW, PCW


Mikey Whiplash - PCW, ICW, PWE, PBW, 4FW


MK McKinnan - FCP, SWE


Nathan Cruz - NGW, SWE




Paul Malen - SWE


Rampage Brown - NGW, ASW, SWE


Robbie X - SWE, NGW


Rockstar Spud - IPW, FCP, SWE, PCW, 4FW, XWA


Sam Bailey - PCW, FSW, NGW


Stixx - SWE, IPW, NGW, XWA


T-Bone - IPW, PCW, SWE


Trent Seven - FCP


Wolfgang - PBW, ICW, PWE


Zack 'Diamond' Gibson - GPW, FSW


Zack Sabre Jr - IPW

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Can't believe Liam Thomson didn't get straight in! VOTE LIAM! :)


Ditto. I voted him & Red Lightning.


Liam will deffo go through. Lightning may be at a disadvantage as he only works in Scotland and still not many English fans have seen him or knows what he does.

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Can't believe Liam Thomson didn't get straight in! VOTE LIAM! :)


Ditto. I voted him & Red Lightning.


Liam will deffo go through. Lightning may be at a disadvantage as he only works in Scotland and still not many English fans have seen him or knows what he does.


Wolfgang is in there though! I think a lot of Scottish people vote! :)

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Red Lightning and Liam Thomson will both be in my top 5 or thereabouts. It's ridiculously hard to vote for me when it comes to the actual vote. I think I'm settled on a top three of Andy Wild at the top with the next two being Liam Thomson and then BT Gunn respectively.

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