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Smackdown Results for 13/07/12


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There was a quick ring apron change after Raw went off the air and they went right into the taping for Friday's WWE Smackdown. Zack Ryder opened the show by trying to get the "largest fist pump" record. He hyped "Zackdown" and was interrupted by Alberto Del Rio. Alberto threw a few weak insults at Ryder, who then announced the first match would be Del Rio vs. Sin Cara.


1. Alberto Del Rio defeated Sin Cara.


2. Primo and Epico (w/Rosa) defeated The Primetime Players (w/A.W.).


3. Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler defeated Christian and Santino Marella.


4. Big Show defeated The Great Khali. A quick squash match.


5. Ryback defeated Tyler Reks.


6. Damien Sandow defeated Justin Gabriel.


7. World Hvt. Champion Sheamus defeated Chris Jericho. A hell of a match with a lot of near falls and finishers used before Sheamus went over.


After the match, Del Rio blindsided Sheamus on the ramp with a vicious kick. Del Rio headed to the ring and hyped Money in the Bank. Sheamus recovered and headed back to the ring to confront Del Rio. Alberto got the better of it, but he missed a scissors kick and then Sheamus rebounded off the ropes with a Brogue Kick.


The announcers left their table, so it appears that Smackdown concluded at some point during the Del Rio and Sheamus brawl.

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Good to see Ryback moving on to "name" wrestlers.


Yeah me too. I like Hawkins and Reks so hopefully they impressed people in these squashes and will actually get a bit of a push in the Tag ranks though prob not. I think next week Ryback will beat them both at the same time.


Def gonna give it a go for Jericho vs Sheamus. It just looks like Zack Ryder booked a regular same old Smackdown though. Surely if you're a wrestler as GM you could go "ah Title match for me" unless there is some written rule which says you cant, thats the least you'd expect them to do as a viewer surely.

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What a bullsh*t show. They did nothing with Ryder. I remember when that face team including Maven won at Survivor Series with the right to be GM each week on Raw and they all challenged HHH for the title.


There is so much they could have done with Zack hosting. Like putting Eve, Ziggler, Kane, Big Show and Sandow in tough matches. Why didn't he put himself in the MITB match or at least a qualifier? Cody Rhodes had 2 attempts to get in.


Across Raw, Superstars and Smackdown Zack didn't even have a match. Pathetic.


WWE has millions of viewers across the world, and they couldn't be bothered to put on anything decent for Raw or Smackdown for this week. Raw last night was possibly the worste I have EVER seen.

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It was a waste of a show. Should've been much more fun with Zack Ryder in charge. I skipped through the first two long, pointless matches and the Youtube videos I was watching got removed before I got to the parts with the Sandow match and the main event. I didn't bother looking for them. I like Sandow, but it'd be much the same as previous weeks. And I've no interest in a superlong Sheamus vs Jericho match, either, not when it's predicated purely by both of them standing near Zack Ryder at one point backstage.


Nowhere near as excited for MITB this year.

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fair play to Booker T for trying to put over Tyler Reks a bit there. I like the way there are saying its a step up for Ryback. I'll expect him to squash them both soon then! Wish they'd do more with these two though.


It was an alright show, I've literally just watched it and cant remember much. The Sheamus vs Jericho match was class but as Pictos said it didnt have much reason to be there, but still they tore it up and why not.


"I thought you were talking about a Peach Cobbler I dunno" :laugh:

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